Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Oh, my! At 8:00 a.m., this was happening in Oklahoma City. 
  • I told someone the other day that I thought Bonnie and Clyde had a connection to Decatur. There are reports of it, but the line in that link of there being "no firm evidence to support this story" makes me rethink my position. 
  • Elizabeth Warren ain't going on any "town hall" hosted by Fox News. 
  • Osama Bin Laden in the news in 1993 didn't quite pan out. 
  • That Peggy Lipton, Doris Day, and Tim Conway combo was quite the trifecta. An odd Doris Day reference that comes to mind is my fourth grade teacher in Bridgeport telling the class (for some unknown reason) that "Doris Day is all old and wrinkled now." Day probably would have been just over 50. I remember telling my mom about it when I got home and she got mad. I'm guessing mom was a big fan. Or maybe she was a defender of middle aged women. 
  • Alabama gonna Alabama as they outlawed abortion yesterday. (There's not even an exception for rape or incest which is odd even for Alabama.)  I'm trying to remember the last time a state passed a law with full knowledge that is is unconstitutional for the sole purpose of testing its "current" constitutionality. 
  • But these are strange times. The Supreme Court overruled forty-one year old precedent on Monday in a case no one cares about but this dissent was telling. Translated: "We normally have a good reason for overturning a past decision, but now it looks like the new majority will do it just because they can. And there is more on the horizon."
  • One of my life's little joys is a Twitter account of quick loading 1970s NFL clips. They had a great one yesterday: Lynn Swann attempting to catch a potential TD pass but then having to jump over a parked car.
  • I may be the only guy in the world who thinks the viral video of the karate kid breaking the board is a set up deal. That is, the instructor was waiting for the first decent blow/ first decent form before he put hand pressure on the board to make sure it would snap. (If the kid didn't get the satisfaction of breaking it, that would have been one devastating scene.)
  • The Harris County DA's office seems to be in a constant state of Screw Up. She fired her first assistant yesterday without any stated reason. 
    "Welp, see ya later."
  • I had forgotten about this. Police dropping a bomb on a modern city in 1985 is about as proportional as using a dragon on King's Landing. 
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