Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Breaking: Doris Day has died at age 97. Que será, será.
  • The story about the guy who threw the puppy out of the fleeing car last week in Wise County has made it all the way to the Chicago Tribune via Star-Telegram. (The guy got away.)
    Puppy obviously milking the situation for all
    its worth in front of the camera.
  • Edit: We've got a combo good puppy dog and Doris Day picture:
  • I remember when I was a kid at Mother's Day at FBC in Bridgeport that the pastor would recognize the oldest mom, the mom with the most kids, and the (very awkward moment of) youngest mom. Churches don't still do that, do they? 
  • UT has scheduled a home and home with Florida in 1930 and 1931. I'll tell you one thing, they don't shy away from non-conference games. Edit: Off by one hundred years.
  • Decatur's own John Bradshaw made the Dallas Morning News yesterday.  That's always been a bit of an odd set-up to me: the Texas Southwest Cattle Raisers Association have their own police agency -- and a big one. 
  • The current round of fighting over Obamacare is now in the Fifth Circuit after a fairly novice federal judge in Fort Worth struck it down last year. Below is an excerpt of a brief filed at the appellate court. This is truly a  Lawyers, Guns and Money moment combined with  a "they cling to guns or religion" moment. And it's bizarre for a legal brief.:

  • So true.
  • I'm no business genius, but that fast food Mexican restaurant over in Bridgeport on 380 needs to fix both of their signs which were the only signs that had its name on it. They've been busted out for months. That's a bad look. 
  • An Aggie beat an Aggie in the SEC track meet. (Twitter video). I think it's when your torso crosses the finish line -- it worked although that leap might have been a little premature.
  • More track: That Texas white boy (at least I think he's white because I don't see color) set the 100 meter national high school record in Austin. Video.
  • I don't care about the NBA but couldn't keep away from Kawhi Leonard's crazy game winning shot for Toronto last night. Someone overlayed the video with Verne Lundquist's call of Tiger's famous shot in the 2005 Masters. That's good stuff. (And here's a cool slow motion of the play.)
  • From Forbes
  • I still haven't seen any definitive reports on the success or failure of Kaaboo at JerryWorld other than one article about Friday saying less that 10,000 were in attendance. A faithful reader sent me this pic of that night:
  • I had no idea that the Peggy Lipton from The Mod Squad, who died over the weekend, had been married to Quincy Jones and their daughter is Rashida Jones of The Office and Parks and Recreation fame.
  • For a very limited audience: Old Town Road and a scene from Games of Thrones last night combined. 
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