Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Bad Wisconsin prosecutor. (And there's more -- including the disciplinary result and a photo of the 65 year old.)
  • Yesterday it was announced there had been a $50 million donation to the Antonin Scalia Law School which comes on the heels of a $43 million to the Heritage Foundation. All from the estate of a California state judge. After you get past the "where'd all that money come from?," aren't there about a million more causes which are actually in need?
  • The UT quarterback thinks college athletes should be paid. I agree. But there's something weird about a current college star saying it because it can have an odd feel of, "Hey, it would be unfair if I hadn't been paid." 
  • Author Dan Jenkins has died. I'll admit that I never "got" him, but I've got a buddy who swears by his books. 
  • David Irving went out in a blaze of glory last night.  (It went on for 20 minutes and here's a part of it.) He had a pretty good point, though: How many NBA players, how many MLB players, how many UFC fighters, how many coaches, and how many actors do you see getting in trouble for weed?
  • Speaking of weed.
  • The current unstable marijuana laws from state to state are insane. And if the proposed Texas law that mentioned I yesterday were in effect, the superintendent would not have committed a crime at all and couldn't have been arrested. 
  • And I heard a rumor that some law enforcement officer warned a Wise County business not to sell CBD oil and confiscated it off the shelf. You kidding me? Cue Reno 911. CBD oil contains an infinitesimal  amount of THC which makes it both technically illegal but also impossible to get high off of. No law enforcement agency or prosecutor's office in their right mind wants to waste their time on that stuff. (Seriously, it would be the equivalent of arresting a convenience store clerk for selling hand sanitizer without a liquor license.)
  • This happened in Bridgeport yesterday. I tried to figure out who it was but there was only one person booked into the Wise County Jail yesterday from Bridgeport for an "ounce" of a Penalty Group 1 drug, and it was for a female off a warrant issued by the district court with a pre-set bond. That normally means it was an arrest based on a past alleged crime in a sealed indictment. 
    And what's this fluid the cops were moving?
  • There was another warrant executed by the feds yesterday for someone out of Chico (part of an odd string of multiple arrests for federal charges which I know have occurred in Wise County over the last three weeks. There's not been a single public announcement about this rare federal intervention in the county.)
  • The radio reminded me of a breakfast cereal this morning that I had not heard about in decades: King Vitaman. I could have sworn this "multi-vitamin" cereal tasted like pure sugar as a kid.
  • This is the second time this week he's tweeted the exact same paranoid thing:
  • That came moments after spending "Executive Time" watching you know who. (Have I mentioned they are State TV?)
  • Maybe he's bent out of shape about more bad news this morning: 
  • We had a Bridgeport kid take part in a Spelling Bee at TCU yesterday. You can find him below in the publication which had a spelling error.
  • There was a time-waste of a House resolution yesterday condemning hatred of any type. But one of those, to their credit, was "Islamaphobia."  WBAP's Hal Jay, and I am not making this up, said this morning, "Shouldn't that be Radical Islamaphobia and not Islamaphobia?" I'm serious. It should be Radical Islamaphobia." Obviously incredibly confused on multiple levels, he meant: We shouldn't be condemning Islam but Radical Islam. No one in the room corrected him.
  • Slidell won yesterday after a last minute desperation shot was off the mark. Decatur is on deck today after selling 628 tickets.