Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Let me help you: Pick a lower arbitrary number as your goal. (Notice they didn't say they have a budget shortfall of $36,000. They are just saying they didn't make as much money as they wanted.)
  • I've gone full country because I've started using liver to catch catfish. The worst part is getting the catfish off the hook (maybe the nastiest fish there is with fins they use as weapons) before I chunk it back into the lake. 
  • A friend of the alleged victim yesterday accused an NFL player of doing this. The post was later taken down. She better be right or she has a serious defamation case on her hands.
  • Those new Dallas motorized scooters have their first victim:
  • I could look at this all day: 
  • Worth watching (and quick loading): In the 11th, an Astro batter hits a foul ball that goes straight down. Somehow it changes direction and rolls fair. The batter is just standing there, the catcher picks up the ball and tries to tag him but drops the ball. The batter then runs towards first base, the catcher has an easy play by throwing to first, but his throw beans the batter in the back of the head. Runner scores. Astros win.
  • How to become a Supreme Court Judge. (Spoiler alert -- if you were at the top of your class at Stanford, UT, Michigan, or NYU you are out of luck):
  • By all means, let's confirm him!!!
  • I have a new ear worm after reading this: "Can’t stop reading 'Kavanaugh' to the tune of Van Halen’s 'Panama'”
  • Trump managed to piss off Germany this morning. 
  • According to the Messenger, the cost of the proposed "Bistro" inside the Decatur High School library is now at $670,000 (and rising.)  I was just lucky to have a coke machine in the hallway that wasn't empty back in the day. 
  • Messenger: Above the Fold