Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • I decided to buy Chess for Dummies and download a fee app where I can play a computer opponent which has skill levels of anywhere from Idiot to Genius. Let me tell you, I'm now able to school the Idiot like nobody's business.
  • Austin had a big weekend: 

  • This has to happen more often but not reported by the "victim."
  • Kay Granger is still catching heat for frolicking in Russia on the 4th of July. It made me think about her district and how it includes a sliver of Wise County (Decatur included.) Bridgeport is represented by Max Thornberry whose district is huge. If things were done correctly, however, they both have basically the same population.
  • I read about the Rangers but rarely watch them. But it did get my attention on Friday that (1) 45 year old Bartolo Colon pitched a complete game and lost, (2) The game took two hours and five minutes. I'd watch baseball if all games if they took that long.
  • Then the next day Cole Hamels gave up eight runs in the first inning and was pulled with two outs. The game took over three hours.
  • Got this sent to me on Saturday: 
  • A shooting death on Saturday night at Lake Bridgeport is making metroplex news. An 80 year old allegedly complained about fireworks, went to go get his gun, a 33 year old went and got his gun*, the 80 year old came back and fired, and the 33 year old allegedly returned fire striking the 80 year old in the head. No arrest was made. I'm curious if the 33 year old had a pistol or rifle and how far he was away from the 80 year old. (*Proof that we still live in the Old West.)
  • How's my experiment going of not allowing comments (which means I don't have to look at every single one of them) and rarely posting to Twitter? Fantastic. 
  • I've been specifically asked to not use the phrase "Ted Cruz's opponent" but instead refer to him as Beto O'Rourke (who drew huge crowds in Fort Worth over the last couple of days.)
  • I heard on the radio this morning a phenomena I was not aware of: Young people wearing MAGA gear just to trigger those who hate Trump. You know, kids being kids. And then it dawned on me that Texas Monthly last month had an article about how a young girl in an affluent Houston suburb was wearing Trump gear and the crazy consequences it caused. The story didn't focus on the motive for her wearing it, but it got me thinking. 
  • This stripper got her $20,000 back after Florida police illegally searched her car. They just told her to "pop the trunk" without probable cause or consent. (And I loved this sentence from the story: “It’s amazing how something as simple as a traffic stop can lead us to crack a lot of cases,” a police spokesman told WFOR-CBS4. “A lot of serial killers are behind bars because of traffic stops." Uh, a lot of serial killers?)
    "I'll take it in ones and twenties, please."
  • I'll ask it again: These guys on the clock? 
  • Trump, not surprisingly, got duped by North Korea. After our Secretary of State went there to see how that denuclearization was going, the Rocket Man refused to meet with him and the country later said . . . 
  • I've written about the Collar Bomb Bank Robbery case before and was happy to see a new documentary about it on Netflix. It is still the most bizarre criminal case ever.
  • Messenger: Above The Fold
  • Fixed it based upon this morning's news: