Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Yesterday I had the very confusing realization that when I had heard the names of Mena Suvari and Mira Sorvino in the past that they were actually two different actors. 
    Not Mira Sorvino
  • In light of the Supreme Court ruling last term, gambling is getting ramped up big time in America. I never dreamed I'd see this:
  • This Sacha Baron Cohen special on Showtime sounds great. We already knew he had duped Dick Cheney, Sarah Palin and former politician Joe Walsh, but yesterday we learned he also got Alabama's Roy "I Like To Meet Underage Girls In The Mall" Moore. Delicious. Moore, who is the third dumbest lawyer in America, has already threatened to sue. 
  • There was an 86 year old killed in a "bi-plane" crash in Wise County yesterday. I respect wanting to live your life with gusto, but at some point we all have to realize it is time to throttle it back a bit.
  • I won't point out the Church and State issue. Nor will I point out that this man of God can't even spell one of the most popular chapters of the Bible. 
  • Official Big 12 prediction poll (via writers) came out yesterday. Note the one first place vote for the Evil Empire. I'm guessing that was Chip Brown. 
  • Trump told a YUGE lie back in June (below) where he claimed Kim Jong Un agreed to return the remains of American servicemen and that 200 had already been returned. Not true. How he gets away with stuff like this and his base just shrugs their collective shoulders is one of God's great mysteries. And yesterday, when there was a meeting scheduled about the issue in N. Korea, they didn't even show up
  • Don't get me wrong, tossing two dolls with a noose around their necks outside of an apartment of a black family is beyond offensive, but it's actually a crime? A Grapevine man will now go to federal prison up to a year because he did it. I don't like White Nationalists using the N word either, but they have every right to say it. It's a weird line to draw. 
  • My great lawyering skills caused all charges to be dropped against Stormy Daniels yesterday. (Well, the last part is true.)
  • I had a call from a potential client who had talked to another lawyer before me. It was technically a felony case in Wise County, but I'm certain that it could be resolved quickly and easily and without a conviction. I told him that and quoted a fee consistent with that scenario. The other lawyer had quoted him a fee of $25,000. I told him that I didn't care if he hired me or not, but he needed to run away from the other guy who was either incompetent or crooked or both.
  • The Congressional hearing yesterday where FBI agent Peter Strzok voluntarily appeared turned out to be a cluster of comedy. For a witness who should have been easy to pick on (he had texted "Just went to South Virginia Walmart. I could smell the Trump support"), Republicans Goodlatte, Gowdy and Texas' own Louie Gohmert proved they couldn't cross examine a paper bag. It was embarrassing. But my favorite part was Rep. Chris Hayes telling Strzok that "I'm a dentist so I read body language very well." Strzok then basically openly mocked him. 
  • I don't care if my kid turned out gay, a drug abuser, an Agnostic, or an Aggie, but I would put him up for adoption if he did this: 
  • Funny line by Brad Sham (Cowboy's play by play man) at an event last night where he and Chuck Cooperstein (Mav's play by play man) and Eric Nadal (Rangers play by play) were honored. When someone suggested they would make a good law firm, he said, "We are all Jewish guys from the North, what would you think?"