Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Trump is disrupting my weekends by firing off craziness: 
  • The guy is under constant attack for conspiring with Russia to hack the election so he tweets that? And when he gets stunned by blow back from everyone (especially Republicans), he tries to cover his tracks hours later: 
  • Did you know those cheap plastic hooks with three extended prongs used on hanging plant baskets aren't for sale separately at Lowe's? 
  • "The Texas Supreme Court on Friday sidelined a Texas justice of the peace who admitted to using drugs and trading sexts with the bailiff in her court." It was in Harris County.
  • Please note that our Governor, Lieutenant Governor and legislature have been roundly criticized for ignoring public education this year. Other things seem more important -- such as foreced annexation: 
  • Wise County is getting a new Chief Deputy, a sitting Justice of the Peace, after the current Chief Deputy announces his plans to retire. This seems a bit curious. 
  • Nothing to see here
  • Mountain lions in Jack County:
  • Pete Delkus warned us over the weekend that if we see bad weather it is probably bad weather: 
  • But he can predict the location of random pop-up showers!
  • A pretty moving blog post from a Houston criminal defense attorney. 
  • I can guess what the results will be as Texas DPS picks a former cop to do an investigation into racial profiling at a ridiculous cost.   (The guy is actually a professor at UNT and lists "former police officer" on his resume, but I can't find out where or for how long.): 
  • One year after the tragedy they will turn over their investigation to the DA. Why? There is no prosecution to be had:
  • There was a Klan rally in Charlottesville, VA over the weekend. The leader wears Ray Ban's. And I have that exact same pair. 
  • In case you missed Rick Perry's wanting to school us on economics while visiting a coal plant: "Here's a little economics lesson: supply and demand. You put the supply out there and the demand will follow."