Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • I have CenturyLink internet issues this morning in Decatur. It's down. Edit: Back up at 8:45 a.m. Edit: An earlier version of this bullet point referred to CenturyLink as CenturyKink -- which is actually kind of funny.
  • Name that location in the photo.
  • Hot Republican Opinion: Keep your eye on Marco Rubio. He might end up the Republican nominee once Trump and Cruz go down. And he could win it all.
  • I had a man ask me about "reverse mortgages" the other day. My only response was, "Honestly, I know nothing about them but the number of commercials promoting them makes me feel very uneasy about them. It feels sleaszy." I might be wrong but I'd rather be safe than sorry.
  • I want to know the background behind an "accelerated appeal" in the Fort Worth Court of Appeals case named "The Carmichael Family Trust by and through Michael G. Carmichael and Jeanette C. Carmichael, Husband and Wife v. Krone Medical Properties, LP and its General Partner Krone Property Management, LLC" out of Hood County
  • Look I have no opinion on the indictment of the two people investigating Planned Parenthood. But for those of you out there that say, "the law is the law", you might want to sit down and think a bit. "It ain't so fun when the rabbit got the gun."
  •  That indictment could be because of the new grand jury selection process. The "good ol' boys system is gone." 
  • Hey, for the one Dennis Prager fan out there: He is now doing commercials for personal loans. Fraud. An absolute fraud.
  • Round up of Texas bad cops and Wise County gets a mention
  • Weird moment last night: I was handed the Senior in the House's phone with a picture of two guys. All three Ladies In The House asked me which one was hotter. And I answered. (My life is over.)
  • The guy currently on The Bachelor looks like Peter Brady from the Brady Bunch. Mrs. LL: "You just ruined it for me!" (Did I mention my life is over?)
  • 76 on Sunday?
  • Rick Perry is being Ted Cruz's lapdog in Iowa but in this photo he looks a little sick.
  • The crazy Oregon standoff with the Bundy's has ended in a death?
  • On ESPN at 6:47 this morning they were interviewing Mexican wrestlers in masks.