Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Sports:That Denver/New England game was great there at the end. but I couldn't get over DeMarcus Ware not being blocked (ever) and Wade Phillips being on the sideline.

  • I almost watched all of Narcos on Netflix. Two  points: (1) TV is changing, and (2) Pablo Escobar is one fascinating character.

  • That show made me research Augusto Pinochet.

  • Mrs. LL: "I'm going to Sam's. Do you want anything?" Me: "I don't even know what is in a Sam's". Her:" It's like a Walmart with bulk items." Me (sarcastically) : "Get me a barrel of beans." The fact that she didn't bring home a barrel of beans out of spite is amazing.

  • I posted about a JFK auction and then in the mail I received an amazing catalog of sports auction memorabilia that ends at the same time on January 30th. Coincidence?

  • Bridgeport's Colin Jones is going to the Super Bowl. 

  • I finished Making a Murder and my head did explode: Especially in the last episode (spoiler alert): "In 2010, [the prosecutor] resigned from his position as Calumet County district attorney following a scandal involving sexually-charged text messages he sent to to a domestic abuse victim. Kratz was the prosecutor in the case against the victim’s ex-boyfriend." And told Mrs. LL after the last episode that my dream of retiring to the jungle may now go on hold because now I want to stay and fight. 

  • BagOfNothing emailed with this New Yorker article about Texas criminal justice corruption that was published last week. 

  • Why do you get sucked in when Donald Trump speaks? The Dallas Morning News explains and it is spot on. 

  • The Family Pups love to go to sleep with their heads on my laptop keyboard causing a cascade of crazy images to appear on the screen.

  • Rick Perry has endorsed Ted Cruz. That's a game changer!!!!!!!!! (Sarcasm.)

  • Sports (again): In the early game yesterday, a punt returner tried to field the punt on the run and fumbled it. It might have been 20 years ago, but there is an NFL film of Bill Parcells in practice yelling at a punt returner that you "must set your feet" before you catch it." I don't like the guy, but he is dead right.