The Campaign For DA


Random Sunday Morning Specials Thoughts

  • It is Day 6 and I'm still being held hostage You boys might wanto roud up a a possee. I'm getting a ittle antsy.
  • And now Iearned l'll be  It is a rehabilitation tactility where I will stay until they same "I'm fine."  But I suppose I san simply walk away at any time (But that contract might take a bite out). They are focused on having me work on loss my equilibrium which caused me to fall in the first place.
  • Walking around  Wise Regional with a nurse for exercise is uuuuuuuuuuu.. .embarassing.\y
  • I'lll tel uou the fimal cost.of all of this oonce I get it.O.
  • Every doctor a doctor tells me tells eI'm going tobe fine. All I hear is,"We're lying. We've alreadu contacted Hawkins Funera Home. I've stayed in the Charles Burton Room and the Cocanougher Room. My only other goals are to stay in the Roy Eaton Room and Speedo Man Room.
  • When I blogged on drugs last week, Mrs.LL actilly yelled at me, "STOP BLOGGING you sound like a crazyman. Butt they cut back on the medicine  nd I ;mve fine now."
  •  Dear clients:  In this electronic day and time  your encrypted videos re being viewed.(And trust me, I;ve got lots of time to lookat them
  • Ross Perot, the Tump of our time, was only in the race days.started his race in Frbruary and then quite inn July. And he still got almost 20% of the vote. Thtat's crazy and caued  a Rebublkcan incumbent his job. Trump,which a larger tnan lfe figre when copared to Perot, has the potential to  cause havoc if hewere to run as as an Independent.