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I Have No Idea What Is Going On With

About last week...

This Blog's been acting crazy, the backspace won't work, and their are some strange Arab names at the top. And sometimes the screen will just go dark. The thing is over five years old and, for the first time I might consider a MacBook;

Secondly, I wrote almost Random Thoughts on (prescription drugs.) That' my excuse and I'm sticking it to it.

Thirdly, all the doctors say I'm on my way to full rehab recovery center. But they won't release me and won't let me get out of bed without a walker, go outside on my own I'm on the verge of waling out and screaming "Attica!Attiua!" They won't say it but I think I had a mini Stroke.

Anyway, I' heard that the new facility has basically no Internet acce ss so I may open up Random Thoughts to Faithful Readers. Leave your name or handle below if you are interested.