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Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Final chance to enter the Liberally Lean Tourney Pick' Em Where You Won't Win Any Money But On Your Death Bed You Will Receive Total Consciousness
  • Runner up winners for bracket names: "Kayaking For Dummies" and "Brackets Are Super Gay".
  • St. Patrick's Day is the sparest of all "holidays".
  • I've moved out to the lake and Lowe's may award me the Greatest Customer In The History Of Ever award based upon how much lawn stuff I've purchased.
  • The First Family Pup In The House doesn't understand the lake and when she sees white caps she goes crazy. I think she thinks the lake is alive.
  • I invested in Home Depot stock about 15 years ago and saw it do nothing but go down. When it finally got back up to where I purchased it after ten years, I sold it. It has since doubled. Insert Napoleon Dynamite voice: "Idiot."
  • How many girls are in this photo?
  • Hey, WFAA, you realize all your online weather radars are broken, right? Did you put Delkus in charge of that?
  • Footage captures two inmates making a brazen escape from prison via a…
  • Channel 5's Krystle Gutierrez refers to traffic accidents as "ax" on Twitter and it drives me crazy. We, who have street cred, all know that means "ask". 
  • The concept of getting a "warning" from a law enforcement officer is a little odd when you think about it. Either you broke the law or you did not, but he/she has the discretion just to "warn" you? Why?
  • That off duty Farmer's Branch officer who shot and killed a 16 year old in Addison has now been arrested for murder. His attorney "questioned why the charges were filed without the case being presented to a grand jury. It 'can only be explained by the fact that my client is a black police officer.'" That is a dumb and moronic statement. 99% of all criminal cases involve an arrest before a referral to the grand jury. Cops, by law, should get no special treatment. Get a different lawyer. 
  • There was an incredible hail storm in Fort Worth this morning around 7:00 a.m. or so. Here's a different photo and that is truly golf ball size. And this photo is bizarre -- it looks like snow. And here is one of car windows destroyed.
  • Fox News canceled the next Republican Debate after Trump says he will not show up. The. Wheels. Are. Off. For the millionth time: How did you guys not see this implosion coming? 
  • Stolen from the Update: "DRIVER RUN OVER BY HIS VEHICLE – A man was slightly injured when he fell out of his pickup and was then run over by the vehicle north of Rhome Wednesday morning. Police Chief Brandon Davis said David Ferguson, 48, of San Antonio was turning right from . . . Main Street when the driver’s side door of his 1994 Chevrolet pickup opened. Ferguson, who was not wearing a seatbelt, was pulled from the truck by centrifugal forces. Davis said Ferguson grabbed the steering wheel as he fell, accidentally steering the truck on top of him."  Huh?