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Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Baylor loses to Yale, two players get in a shoving match on the bench, and the chance to win the game with four seconds left is wasted when some player tries a behind the back dribble and screws it up. No one does less with more talent than coach Scott Drew.
  • Madonna exposes teenager's breast on stage. (That was a line I never thought I would type.)
  • I've mentioned before that the Wounded Warrior Project had scandal written all over it. Two of its top executives were fired for a spending scandal over the last few days.
  • "BENBROOK - Two little girls were found dead and their 31-year-old mother was found stabbed several times in their Benbrook residence Thursday morning, police said. They appeared to be the wife and daughters of Vadym Kholodenko, gold medalist of the 2013 Cliburn competition who is scheduled to be guest artist this weekend with the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra."
  • McKinney ISD will have a bond election on a 12,000 seat stadium. I first thought, "Oh, my" and then learned Allen ISD's stadium holds 18,000.
  • I was struggling with a heavy bag of mulch in the Lowe's parking lot yesterday when a lady walked by and, in a sweet voice said, "Keep at it. You'll get it." I told her this wasn't as hard when I was younger. She replied, "They didn't tell us that, did they?" They did. We just didn't believe it. 
  • "Construction worker dies in 800-foot fall from Los Angeles skyscraper." I cannot imagine the horror.
  • BagOfNothing had a note on Texas Ag Commissioner Sid Miller today on some questionable expenditures. When I walked into the Republican Headquarters in Austin a few months back to try and get on the ballot I swear I saw him walk out with an aide and grumble, "What a bunch of BS paperwork!" I had my paperwork typed out and in a briefcase.
  • Ted Cruz is going to be on for an entire hour with Sean Hannity. Fox News is doing everything it can to derail Trump. And it won't work.
  • "Dallas strip club meeting leads to X-rated legal battle of exotic dancer vs. venture capitalist." $40 million is at stake. Stop the world. I want to get off.