Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • They used a fake baby in American Sniper. I never noticed it when I watched the movie. 
  • In this day and time where cops hardly ever get charged with a crime, I find it somewhat shocking that a Wichita Falls police officer was sent to prison for a fatal wreck. A wreck. (He has prescription medication in his system but they didn't charge him with Intoxication Manslaughter which they could. They just charged him with recklessly -- not intentionally -- causing the death of another.)
  • Packed house at Decatur v. Bridgeport last night. (Photo.)
  • The plot of Double Jeopardy a few years back confronted the issue of whether someone can be prosecuted for murder if the death was lingering and in the interim the defendant pled guilty to a lesser charge. It's happening in real life in Dallas.  (I looked up the movie after I wrote that sentence and was stunned to learn that my "few years back" was actually 1999.)
  • Irving had four more earthquakes yesterday and now it's to a point where we hardly talk about them. 
  • WWE Wrestlemania 32 is coming to Cowboys Stadium.  I couldn't name one WWE wrestler if my life depended on it, but I almost want to go because I bet that scene is ridiculous. 
  • The White House's official Twitter account tricked us before the State of the Union with a picture indicating the President would wear a tan suit. For those of us who wear suits, that would be a very big deal. But, of course, he wore a dark suit. 
  • With as many drones as there are on the market for personal use, I've yet to see one flying around. 
  • Almost every Way-Too-Early Top 25 college football poll for the fall has Baylor and TCU in the Top 5 or at least the Top 10 with UT and Oklahoma not appearing anywhere within the projected polls.  That's mind boggling when you think about it. 
  • Is there a site which tracks Mountain Cedar for the metroplex? I know there has to be but I can't find one after a quick search. (It's a sneeze fest in the house right now.)
  • Let me explain this for the millionth time to the Dude who calls me an "ambulance chaser": An "ambulance chaser" is a derogatory term used for a small time plaintiff's personal injury lawyer who is so desperate for clients that he will chase an ambulance after an auto accident to illegally solicit business. I've never had a personal injury case in my life. I've practiced criminal law for the last 25 years. Hey, I obviously don't care about insults, but could you please make them within the zone of reasonableness? And I would ask for a little humor but that appears to be out of the question. 
  • In Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick's inauguration speech yesterday, he quoted the Bible in the second sentence. Then quoted the Bible in the fourth sentence. And ended the speech with a reference to "Come and Take It."  Get ready for a wild ride. 
  • The entire Family Unit got Fit Bits for Christmas, and Mrs. LL set up a page where we can see the number of accumulated steps by each person.  It's fascinating motivation.