Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • I watched a little of Joel Osteen yesterday. Let me tell you the formula: "You might be having financial troubles. You might have been in a relationship you shouldn't have been in. You might be suffering from some type of addiction. You might have have said something to a family member you shouldn't have." What? You are trying to connect to 99% of your audience? 
  • If you are a fan of The Office you understand "That's what she said."  Hey, it's a tired bit and I've retired it. But then, on Saturday,  Mrs. LL made a comment about a burrito she brought home. I pinched my lips together. She saw what was going through my mind and then bombarded me with innuendos. I'm not sure I have laughed so hard in years.
  • We are re-watching Breaking Bad and it's better than I remembered. And I thought it was great the first time. 
  • I'm convinced that the new Family Pup #2 is mentally challenged. It may be the dumbest animal I've ever seen. Every time you see her, she looks up with this expression of "Who are you?" Hey, pup!!! I'm the one who saved you from traffic!!!!
  • It's a weird phenomenon when the Kids In The House start making incredibly witty/funny comments. Hey, don't grow up!!!
  • Meathead Rob Lowe is my favorite Rob Lowe.
  • Sports: Going for it on 4th down now seems in vogue -- and I'm a huge fan.
  • BagOfNothing is revealing more about his sex life this morning. If any of you guys want to form a posse and join me to confront him later today, let me know. He's putting way too much pressure on us. 
  • No one seems like they've grown up in, and still lives in, a bubble more than Mike Huckabee.
  • Mrs. LL yells at me when she walks in and sees me steaming because I've been watching Fox News. 
  • I hate January.