Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • I bet Dan Patrick beats David Dewhurst in the runoff. It's a Ted Cruz situation all over again. That should be the blue print for the Texas Tea Party. Find a state wide race with an incumbent and at least two challengers. Then get to the runoff and flood the polls (which isn't hard to do since no one else votes in a runoff.)
  • And it is kind of ironic that the Dewhurst legislation to close most abortion clinics in Texas is really taking effect. He got his wish. But the same legislative process made him a target of Republicans for that Wendy Davis fiasco, and will probably end his tenure as Lt. Governor.
  • The Kids In The House recovered well from the puppy death. Mrs. LL and I were still in the dumps yesterday. 
  • That's a weird story of the Richardson teacher allegedly killed by her Euless boyfriend while both were in New Mexico. Talk about something going horribly wrong. 
  • I never took the SAT. I was an ACT guy instead. 
  • A Fort Worth officer shot a guy last night. The officer said he was coming at another officer with a pry bar. Cue the video. 
  • I noticed that the BagOfNothing guy is giving up blogging for Lent. And it sounds a little deeper than what you would think at first blush. 
  • I would think J.D. Clark's winning Wise County Judge at such a young age would make metroplex news when the smoke clears. At least I thought that. But I'm not sure how old he is despite a quick Google search. He's been a three term mayor of Chico and has his bachelor's and master's degree. 
  • "Spring Forward" this weekend. And finally it coincides with Spring Break (unless it routinely coincides with Spring Break.) 
  • I woke up every ten minutes last night. Seriously, every ten minutes. (I left my iPad at the office -- which I use for an alarm -- so I had to use an old school clock instead. But I think I had so little faith in it that I could never get into deep sleep mode.)
  • That last episode of True Detective kind of confused me. 
  • Brent Musburger was on The Ticket yesterday, and he was fantastic. He seemed absolutely content and happy (despite having an uncertain future with ESPN/ABC). 
  • Want to see a girl almost get killed after thinking it would be a good idea to get her picture taken with a race car coming up from behind her?