Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • That was a crazy temperature drop yesterday. For some reason, I took an extended nap on Saturday which caused me to end up standing in the front lawn at 1:00 am on Sunday. (Don't ask,)  A very warm front lawn.
  • I'll often refer to a movie or TV program as "good but not great". I finally watched all episodes of True Detective over the weekend. It's not good. It's great. And I've done a 180 of Mathew McConaughey. He's fantastic.
  • I told the Family Unit that I had never seen Mary Poppins. That, of course, caused a Forced Watch Event of the movie over the weekend. Verdict: Meh.
  • Then I made them watch two episodes of the Dick Van Dyke Show. I think I was the only one that laughed.
  • The Girls In The House coaxed me into jumping on the trampoline with them. I'm not sure what happened but the Fifth Grader In The House went head over heels over the side and ended up in a crying crumpled mess on the ground. Scared me to death. Then, once all was well, I couldn't stop laughing. 
  • Many years ago, my favorite burger place was something called Chip's off of Central Express Way in Dallas.
  • A lot of those political ads stressing "border security" have a KKK feel to them..(There is a "What kid of Christians are they?" ad that is snuck between the ads every now and then.)
  • I had a weird moment of contentment the other night when, during the stillness, I realized I had a pregnant dog and non-pregnant wife lying next to me. 
  • David Dewhurst's Jeopardy style commercial against Dan Patrick borders on Idiocracy. He doesn't want a runoff with a Tea Party candidate (ala Ted Cruz) but the ad borders on his "he represented the Chinese" mistake. (Just so everyone knows, the brain dead guy behind those campaigns is Dave Carney.)
  • "I have hip hop questions that need answers!" -- Me while watching the 100 Greatest Hip Hop Videos with the family and no one knowing the name of the artist on the screen.
  • As I'm writing this, I'm looking at footage of I-45 between Houston and Dallas and it is completely shut down. 
  • Awkward Mother-In-Law moment when we were talking about House Of Cards. Her: "I liked it until it got perverted." Me: "When was that?" Her: "When he hooked up with that young girl." Me: "Oh, yeah. That part."
  • The goofy Electra city attorney who was caught on video berating a citizen asserting his right has been fired.