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I'm No Accountant, But Something Is Up

DPS just released its official 2013 crime statistics for the state. They even provided a spreadsheet breaking down the number of a county by county basis.  As a guy who has been a prosecutor and a defense lawyer in Wise County for the last 20 years, these numbers are comical.  Maybe I'm missing something, but something ain't right. Edit: Maybe I am missing something. I went back and looked at their definition of "rape" and it does not include crimes against children. You kiddin' me? That's what 95% of the sex crimes are!

And why leave drugs out of the spreadsheet? And what about DWI?  That's over 50% of all arrests.

The end result is that the spreadsheet provides no useful information.

Edit: Compare the above table to the official records from the judiciary. The above chart showed reported crimes even if there was no arrest or suspect. Below are cases which were filed against an individual during a 12 month period around the same time. It's night and day.

Misdemeanors added: 1,487

Felonies added:  627