Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • There were thirteen death notices in the Update yesterday.
  • Some guy in our district court, who was either there as a defendant or supporting one, looked at my shoes and said something like, "There's a lot of oil there." What did that mean? Something to do with leather? 
  • These were the two most circulated photos last night: Johnny Football with hot chicks at Fenway Park, and Rick Perry looking like he was about to die sitting across from the President. But probably the craziest one was one of all those police cars that were on the residential street where an alleged killer was on the loose around Houston.
  • My stomach is better. Not perfect. But better. 
  • NBA: Mark Cuban was in a Florida club last night signing an offer sheet with Houston Rockets restricted free agent Chandler Parsons for three years and $45 million. The Rockets will have the absolute right to match the offer which they'll do if LeBron goes back to Miami with Chris Bosh, who the Rockets have a huge offer out to. Then Cuban will have gotten nothing. 
  • Someone wanted me to read a Michelle Malkin article yesterday on the immigration process so I glanced at it and, as expected, it was the same basic rhetoric. But most of her facts on the issue were based on this: "An attorney who worked as a law clerk in the Fifth Circuit shared his firsthand experience with me several years ago." Look at the phrase in the Fifth Circuit and not on the Fifth Circuit court. That could be anyone. Isn't a private law clerk working in Decatur who later gets licensed and moves away "an attorney who worked as a law clerk in the the Fifth Circuit" (since Decatur is in the Fifth Circuit.) Not sure why that jumped out at me so much. 
  • The Family Pig might be the most well behaved of all the living creatures in the house -- human or otherwise. And it likes Cheerios for snacks. 
  • The President had a long day yesterday. And I'll agree that its crazy that we let presidents use so many taxpayer resources on fundraising but they all have done it. 
  • Julian Castro, the Latino mayor of San Antonio, was overwhelming confirmed by the Senate yesterday to be lead the Housing of Urban Development. But Sen. Ted Cruz voted against him. Why? (Cornyn voted in favor of him.)
  • Israel is blowing up the Gaza Strip. Or seems like it.
  • I didn't know until yesterday that Sarah Palin has threatened to leave the Republican Party. With the exception of short interviews on Hannity, she basically doesn't have that big of a forum these days. 
  • I didn't even know the Dallas Morning News had a dual paid website (that they are now shutting down.) But I think it's funny that the News' reporter supposedly interviews the News' Chief Marketing Officer and has to act objective with sentences like, "He declined to provide the paid website’s traffic and number of subscriptions or to disclose the company’s total investment in the project." Hey, that story is nothing more than a press release.  
  • "Google exec’s heroin death on yacht brings arrest of woman police say is call girl." That'll make you do a double take. 
  • If you watch an old episode of Hard Knocks when Wade Phillips coached the Cowboys, you'll be stunned at how uninspiring he was. Or maybe it'll all come back to. "Let the Cowboys ride!"