Friday Random Morning Thoughts

  • Small deal: The Tarrant Regional Water District had been sponsoring segments on WBAP until a taxpayer called them out. When contacted, the Board said that WBAP had screwed up and the sponsorship should have been for its program called savenorthtexaswater.com instead of the Water Board. They then said they corrected the error. Then yesterday on The Ticket I heard traffic brought to me by "The Tarrant Regional Water District." 
  • The Ticket's Bob Sturm said last year that if a sport has to "tell its fans to read a league's CBA to understand it" then you've got a league that is in trouble with fans. Man, does that apply this week to the NBA.
  • We've got a cold front coming in with highs in the 80s next Wednesday and Thursday. 
  • I never watch a video or click on a twitter link that reads, "You have to see this" or "You'll never believe what happens next." And my max wait time for a commercial before an online video is 15 seconds. If it's 30 seconds, I'm out. 
  • I stumbled across the Trinity Broadcasting Network last night (so horrible I hit record) and learned there was a "Holy Land Experience" amusement park in Orlando. 
  • I would like to see a list of the all the property sold by Wise County governmental entities at the mass auction this week, for what price, and the name of the purchaser. 
  • Colby Lewis had the worst outing of any Texas pitcher in Ranger history last night. 
  • Does Uncle Nate still hang out with Johnny Football or has be been kicked to the curb?
  • Mrs. LL gave the pig a bath yesterday. Due to all the pig squealing, I had to go up to the bathroom to make sure she hadn't decided to create a slaughterhouse. 
  • I've touted the greatness of Aerial America before and their recent show on Alaska was fantastic. We got hi-def helicopter flyovers of the path that Christopher McCandless took (and the bus he died in) which was the subject of Into The Wild, an extended segment on the Iditarod while it was ongoing, and spent time on the area often camped in by the Grizzly Man.
  • The Sixteen Year in The House has finally become serious about getting her license. I'm not sure what all this online studying is, but it seems a lot more complicated than when I was a kid. 
  • I made fun of those DPS Gun Boats on the Rio Grande back when they were purchased, and I still think that was an enormous waste of taxpayer money. 
  • That Houston area mass execution is an incredibly horrible story. The way the victims were tied up and then shot reminds me of In Cold Blood.