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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Heck of a story while I was gone about  the realtor being stabbed to death by her ex-husband in her North Fort Worth office while her co-workers heard her scream. 
  • Fantastic National Championship Game last night. Before it started the Fifth Grader in the House asked me who I thought would win. I told her, "They think Florida State will." She replied, "How do they know that?" Come up with a simple answer to that one.
  • Last January a guy bet $100 at 500 to 1 odds for Auburn to win the National Championship. So close. Story. Pic of ticket
  • As winning QB Jameis Winston was giving a post game interview, the (hot) mom of Alabama QB A.J. McCarron tweeted, "Am I Listening To English?"  She quickly took it down. 
  • Until a couple of years ago, a college football player would get an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for the slightest of celebration after a tackle or a touchdown. (The so-called "Miami Rule".) Now they are showboating all the time and the Auburn running back even spiked the ball after his last touchdown. 
  • Why were Wise County schools closed yesterday? That's just a weird extra day of the break. 
  • Yesterday was the twentieth anniversary of the Nancy Kerrigan attack involving Tonya Harding. On January 16th, ESPN will debut a 30 for 30 about the event called The Price of Gold. I'm in. (And that's a great title, by the way.)
  • Last night on I-35 in Dallas, a flatbed truck carrying a load of pipe overturned. Look at that mess hours later as the highway remained shutdown.  
  • The Star-Telegram ran a story in November profiling four Texans having trouble finding affordable health care under Obamacare. A blogger thought their stories incredibly false and discovered that three of the four people were Tea Party members. The paper provided a quasi-apology this morning. 
  • The Dallas Police Chief used some NSFW language directed at the Dallas Morning News.
  • Whatever happened to those neckrolls you used to see some football players wear?
  • Some of you might be familiar with the crazy story of the two brothers who owned an ABA team which was left out of the merger with the NBA. They amazingly cut a deal in 1976 to get a portion of any future NBA television contract -- a deal that was to go on forever. Well, the NBA has finally reached a deal with them to buy out the rest of the contract for a half of a billion dollars. 
  • The Dallas attorney who was killed by police after he allegedly fired at them after reporting a burglary at an uptown condo had his apartment searched by them. Of course, they found some embarrassing things which the Dallas Observer quickly disclosed. Question: How was a search warrant issued in the first place? The guy is dead.  So they were searching for evidence of a crime that will never be prosecuted?
  • I've always mentioned in Texas you can legally carry a long barreled firearm in public so long as you don't do it in a threatening manner. And a guy in Beaumont decided to test that law by carrying an AR-15 in a mall