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Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Odd: The hamburger at One Stop in Runaway Bay made the "Burgerpalooza" slide show about burgers in Dallas on the Dallas Observer website. (Credit emailer).
  • Playboy's Miss February 2006 found dead at friend's house. Hey, now?
  • In Comal County indigent, incarcerated defendants get to choose their court appointed lawyer: Among other concerns according to the Texas Lawyer, "[I]ndigent defendants might call five or six lawyers and spend an hour interviewing each one before making a choice. But the county pays just $250 to $300 for each appointment, so it could be 'cost inefficient' for lawyers to spend time on such interviews." Really?
  • Random discovery over the weekend: Maybe the most right wing nutcase in the Texas legislature is some young guy named Jonathan Strickland who describes himself as "a Conservative Christian Republican". (Voting record.) He also appears to be in favor of cheeseburgers.
  • I think my dream job would be being the camera man for Aerial America.
  • I finally watched the 30 for 30 documentary of Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan. It was fantastic. But I'm surprised Kerrigan wouldn't be interviewed for the project. If I were her, I'd cut a deal where I gave ESPN two sentences, at her choosing, to be aired at the end of the film. 
  • "This is one of the rare times where I'm going to rely upon input from the listeners rather than my own insight." - Dennis Prager before his ironically depressing "Happiness Hour" on Friday. I can't begin to tell you how much disdain I have for that guy.
  • The Fifth Grader in the House asked me if I knew the preamble to the Constitution. I then proceeded to bust out in the song I learned from School House Rock. I leaned that decades ago and have never forgotten it. (Any chance that's a secret of education?)
  • The Wendy Davis story, as highlighted in the Dallas Morning News,  is fascinating. I feel for her husband who paid for her TCU and Harvard education, but at the same time she's a poster child of the "The American dream" without help doesn't exist anymore.
  • 1970's Elton John was really, really good. (That was prompted by the Colin Kaepernick Beats commercial which always confuses me because the song starts off as "You can tell everybody . . . ")
  • Inappropriately dressed Modern Family girl at awards show?
  • I really like new Fox 4 gal Jenny Anchondo.
  • Dallas DA Craig Watkins: “To be realistic, this may be a 30-, 40-year career for me here as Dallas County D.A. I thoroughly enjoy what I do, and I think once we get through this election cycle, then the politics of it all will settle down.” Sadly, he might be right. 
  • The Kids in the House asked me questions about Martin Luther King Sr. just to be trouble makers. 
  • There was a crazy story on ESPN this weekend about Baylor basketball player Isaiah Austin. He has one eye -- I don't think the public knew that. I sure didn't.
  • Random tweet I saw: "If Al Qaeda had poisoned 300K people in WV, Sunday shows would be there. But when corporations are responsible, not a peep."
  • Richard Sherman's post game interview was beyond entertaining
  • Not sure about the attempted comedy of "but salsa was spilled" in the first item in the Update. (And why in the world do they give free press to the "Overpasses for America" goofballs?)