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Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Patsy Ewing Chance, who was in the Update obits yesterday, is Greg "The Hammer" Williams' mom.
  • Colton Moore, the 18 year old who allegedly killed the Garland 7-11 clerk, posted on Fox 4's Facebook page about the shooting before his arrest. 
  • Last night, Colton Moore of Krum won a gold medal in the X-games one year after his brother was killed competing in the same event. 
  • Yep, same name. 
  • I watched the documentary The Imposter last night (on CNN of all places.) It's "the story of a Frenchman who impersonated a Texas child, Nicholas Barclay, who went missing in 1994" and it's fantastic. 
  • The Family Cat has now decided to spend the majority of her days and nights on the stop stair of the staircase. Weirdest thing ever. 
  • Greg Abbott was on Megyn Kelly's show last night and she accused him of dodging a question when he wouldn't directly answer whether he "stood by" an earlier press release where he had said if you can't trust Wendy Davis to tell her life story correctly then "how can you trust her to lead?" Why he didn't just say "Yes, I stand by it" is beyond me. 
  • I hate this time of year. 
  • Saw lots of people throwing down some righteous indignation online yesterday by proclaiming that Justin Bieber was not "drag racing" because that's an organized sport but was instead "street racing." Ummkay. 
  • "AUSTIN (AP) — The Houston-based Mulva Foundation is making a $60 million pledge to the business and engineering schools at the University of Texas."  I just had a Seinfeld flashback
  • Today is the 20th Anniversary of The Ticket and they'll celebrate with their annual Ticketstock convention this weekend. Wild Guess: The Hardline's Mike Rhyner announces his retirement.
  • A college goalie gave up a 200' goal because he was off to the side chit chatting with some fans/friends. Video.
  • There was just the craziest noise on the Decatur square and then the power went out.