Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Those remaining of what's left of Kidd Kraddick in the Morning were interviewed by Dale Hansen last night. I just can't see that show going on. It's rudderless. And Kellie Rasberry pretty much called Big Al Mack out to his face for not being more positive. Not a good start. 
  • And after the interview aired, what did an incredibly emotionally distant Rasberry tweet: " All righty then. Losing the weave and scheduling Botox first thing in the morning. Harsh lighting or age+stress?" 
  • Four people killed in Yemen by U.S. drone strikes. For a nation of peace, we are pretty much on a perpetual killing spree these days.
  • Sports: (1) What's going on with TCU? Two starters have quit the team and maybe the best defensive player in the Big 12 has been suspended for the first game, (2) Suspensions for steroids give me Tired Head, and (3) You'll never see the Heisman awarded to freshman again after this Johnny Football train wreck. 
  • A Tarrant County candidate forum associated with Glenn Beck began last night with a prayer asking for Tarrant to be the "most Christian county in the most Christian state." Anyone see a problem with that?
  • Testosterone update: I expected that this whole treatment was nothing but a bit, but I'm on the verge of giving it a big thumbs up. 
  • The cholesterol medicine I'm taking might be important because it might prevent a heart attack when I open up the next electric bill. 
  • One thing from the Eagles documentary that stuck with me was Joe Walsh, when discussing the line, "There's a girl, my lord, in a flatbed Ford", said it was great one because it was able to cram in girls, cars, and redemption.  Edit: I knew someone would point out that Walsh had nothing to do with the song. No question. But he was the one on the documentary talking about the lyrics.
  • "Plano woman who met fiance at topless club is on trial, accused of trying to kill him."  My cases don't seem quite as exciting all of a sudden.
  • There's a pretty big case starting in Decatur today about a Bridgeport man accused of injuring a toddler. 
  • The trial of  Maj. Nidal Hasan, the accused Fort Hood shooter, begins today, and I read that it could take "weeks or even months." You gotta be kidding. That could be done in three days. Plus, it's a military court. The prosecution could probably win just by showing up. 
  • WFAA story that even gets played by their Houston affiliate: "No relief in sight as Lake Bridgeport dries up."
  • I told you the end was near for the Dallas ISD superintendent. Yesterday he announced his family was moving back to Colorado because the "negative media" was taking a toll on them. I'll bet $100 he doesn't make it to the end of the next school year.
  • Pretty funny line last night: "A-Rod playing third, batting fourth, and taking the fifth."