Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Mark Davis said this morning that no Republican candidate could beat Hillary Clinton in the next presidential election other than maybe a Ted Cruz/Chris Christie ticket.  That man take up drinking?
  • The Fifth Grader In The House told me she felt sorry for me for having to dress up all the time. Tell me about it, child. 
  • Sports: (1) TCU coach Gary Patterson chastised LSU for reinstating a player yesterday which might lead to an LSU throttling of the Frogs in a couple of weeks, (2) the NCAA will either suspend Johnny Football which will ultimately lead to the organization's demise, or it won't suspend him which will also ultimately lead to the organization's demise, and (3) There's a new Ticket app which everyone is going crazy about -- all the podcasts are there and you can pause and rewind the live radio feed. 
  • A group of us at the courthouse, including men and women,  had "Testosterone Talk" yesterday at the courthouse. It was pretty fascinating. Females afraid to broach the subject with their husbands and men admitting why they might want to take it. 
  • The "Double Fake Chris Davis" comments on here every time he hits a home run. That's a funny bit. And the real official Liberally Lean MLB player is up to 40 home runs for the season. 
  • And some commenter for years has blamed the mortgage crisis on Clinton because he "forced banks" to lend to poor people.  You, sir, are clueless.  Ask companies like Bear Stearns if they went out of business because they were "forced" to do anything.  
  • A Mavs Maniac dancer (a group of fat men who perform at Dallas Maverick games to keep the crowd interested) allegedly shot and killed four people last night. 
  • The alleged Saginaw killer of a little girl (who was from Decatur but we don't talk about that) had his book-in photo released yesterday. Wheels. Off
  • Over the last twenty years, government jobs -- even in Texas -- are becoming more attractive than private sector jobs. The wages are equal or better and the benefits exceed the private sector by a mile. 
  • George Dunham of The Ticket said this morning that We're The Millers is funnier than The Hangover or Bridesmaids. I'm not sure that's possible. 
  • My three favorite Muppets: (1) Grover, (2) Animal, and (3) Beaker.  Edit: A commentor said that I should double up on the Testosterone after reading this. Pay the man, Shirley.
  • We had about 15 spare bricks and 20 decorative bricks that we needed to get rid of. Mrs. LL put an ad on Craigslist to "come get them for free" and she received a landslide of responses.