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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • I haven't seen many bluebonnets, but there's a mile stretch of yellow wildflowers in the median of Highway 287 between FM 407 and Rhome that's almost worth a drive just to see them.
  • A Boeing 747 cargo plane crashed in Afghanistan and it was caught on dashcam video. Amazingly horrifying
  • The prosecutor who filled in under the interim DA title after the slaying of the Kaufman County DA has resigned. No explanation was given. I bet it's more over politics than fear. 
  • I know the battle of the worthiness of talk show host Dennis Prager is between me and one guy (probably), but I finally found this page which identified exactly what he is: A psuedo-intellectual. That defines him perfectly. 
  • There's a restaurant in the new Bush Library called "Cafe 43."  That's just a little too hip.
  • I've never seen Citizen Kane. And I don't think I know anyone who proclaims it to be the greatest movie ever.
  • Weather talk is boring, but tomorrow will be a bizarre April day. Edit: I would like to report that I have heard from multiple reliable sources that tomorrow with fall in a month called "May."
  • FDA with a shocker yesterday: The "morning after pill" will (1) be allowed for sale over the counter, and (2) the age limit to purchase will be lowered to 15.  I hear complaints about the age, but I haven't heard any arguments equating the pill with abortion. Did I miss that science lesson?
  • Facebook is becoming more and more of a beating. 
  • There was a time when a restaurant couldn't survive on the Decatur Square (except for Mattie's.) Now the place is exploding with them. 
  • Talk show host Mark Davis called Ted Cruz the Senate's "Rock Star" this morning.  And he worries sometimes that he lives in an echo chamber. 
  • Mrs. LL drove over Lake Bridgeport yesterday and reported that rumors of the lake level being shockingly low are true.