Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • When I didn't recognize the name of the NBA player who announced his gayness yesterday, I thought it was because I never watch the NBA. Turns out he's just an extremely spare player. 
  • But the support for him was pretty widespread -- even a call from the President  That wouldn't have happened ten years ago. 
  • Meanwhile, in Texas: "Local governments and school districts that offer marriage benefits to same-sex partners are violating the state constitution, Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott stated in an opinion Monday."
  • After holding them for over a decade without the hope of a trial, there's a huge hunger strike going on at Guantanamo Bay. 
  • There's at least one Justice of the Peace court in Wise County that has the phrase "be prepared to stay until 5:00 p.m." on its court notices. That's basically trying to coerce you into throwing up your hands and paying the ticket, right? 
  • According to the Update, they are finally going to fix the death trap at 287 and Business 287 south of Decatur. 
  • Mrs. LL has been watching The Good Wife when I haven't been looking. (That sounds ironic but I guess it isn't.) She told me the legal side of it might be a little "iffy" and then five minutes later I heard one of the lawyers refer to the "fruit of the poisonous tree" in a civil case. 
  • A bill passed yesterday (SB 861) requiring bars and restaurants which sell alcohol to display a sign of the "average costs a person convicted of driving while intoxicated can expect to pay, including attorney's fees,  criminal fines, court costs, bail, driver's license surcharges, and   alcohol education course fees." I'm not through reading those signs telling workers to wash their hands after going to the bathroom. 
  • On The Ticket yesterday afternoon they had a segment on which would you rather do if there were no consequences, heroin or meth. Man, I'm not sure how they can get away with that. 
  • In the future, there will be cameras that can tell if someone is carrying a firearm or a bomb, right? Kind of like thermal-imaging for metal? 
  • And in Denton, a bird eats a fish . . .