Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • If you haven't seen the photo of the marathon participant in the wheel chair with a missing lower leg, I don't know whether to tell you to look it up (to understand the nature of the tragedy) or to avoid it (because it is heartbreaking.)
  • Fox 4's Clarice Tinsley said on the 9:00 p.m. broadcast last night that there were "five" unexploded devices  discovered in Boston. Where did she get that figure?
  • And speaking of making things up, how in the world does the New York Post get away with announcing 12 were dead?
  • And what's up with this "Saudi National" who was a vague "person of interest." Wasn't there similar speculation after Oklahoma City? Do we not learn?
  • There were widespread reports after the bombing that the authorities had taken down the cell phone service to prevent a possible remote bomb activation. Others are now saying the system went down simply because it was overloaded with calls.
  • Within an hour after the explosions I sent a text to Thomas Aaberg who had ran the race. I appreciated the miracle of technology as a transmission came back from the depths of Boston during the chaos which read, "Yes, a little scared but in my hotel room." 
  • I've ran in eleven half-marathons. Not once did I think about a bomb. 
  • Lots of folks throw out the "what's the big deal" mantra pointing out that more people died yesterday in drunk driving crashes, gun violence, or cancer than because of the bombing.  That mindset is amazing to me. If you don't understand the shocking nature of a bomb on a U.S. street, no one will be able to explain it to you. 
  • April is a crazy month for America. Yesterday's Boston Marathon. Columbine High School. Oklahoma City and the Virginia Tech shooting. 
  • Changing gears here, yesterday Greg "The Hammer" Williams, Richie Whitt, and Sybil Summers were fired from 105.3 The Fan.  I could see Williams getting the axe because of missing work laterly, but I didn't see the other firings coming. And CBS Radio is a little callous as they began Williams' termination letter with "Dear Greggo:". 
  • Local radio, TV, and print is a brutal business. 
  • I saw an emergency vehicle going down 287 this morning. At least I think it was. Despite having the traditional red and blue emergency lights on the hood, it looked more like a pickup with a camper on the back. Anyone?
  • What's that huge building being built at the Tarrant County line on the east side of 287 at Avondale/Haslet road across from the Saginaw cutoff? Grocery store or a school?
  • Big oops from the Update: "CORRECTION – The substitute in Saturday’s story, 'Substitute dismissed after gym attack,' was misidentified. Billy Garvin, 44, of Bridgeport was not involved in the incident. The substitute teacher under investigation is Billy Garvin Sr., 66, of Bowie. The Messenger deeply regrets the error."