Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • The prevalent headline when I woke up regarding the explosion in West was "5 to 15 confirmed dead." Huh? They could say they "confirm at least five dead" but you can't "confirm" a range of absolutes. 
  • And if "West EMS Director Dr. George Smith" actually said "as many as 60 or 70 people died" last night, he might need to be stripped of that position. 
  • I really like Fox 4's Heather Hays but she gets really excited during breaking news and talks a million miles an hour. (And Steve Eager accidentally referred to a retirement home as an "old folks home" last night.)
  • There are already conspiracy nuts comparing the explosion last night to the Branch Davidian Fire. you know: Close to Waco. Involves fire. Obviously a link. 
  • What a crazy week. Boston. West. An arrest of the JP's wife in the Kaufman murders. 
  • There seems to be an incredible similarity about the tweets from public officials last night after news of the West explosion happened. They all seem to say that their "hearts and prayers" go out and there was also a reference to "first responders." It's like they have the same PR person running their twitter feeds.
  • Dennis Prager quote yesterday: "I don't know a single friend of mine who cares about race. The only people who care about race are on the Left."  That's either naive or a very Rush Limbaugh wannabee comment. 
  • Saw a tweet from a couple of nights ago complaining about Ron Washington "almost blowing the game against the Cubs" when "doing so as a manager is so hard to do in the first place." I agree.
  • I do screw up the past tense of "ran" all the time. 
  • From the Update: "The Wal-Mart Warriors Walking For a Cure Relay For Life team will sell chili cheese hotdog lunch plates 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. tomorrow and Saturday." Cancer bad. Clogged arteries good?
  • Fox News is all bent out of shape about their own report that the "Saudi National" who wasn't, after all, a person of interest after the Boston Bombing is being "deported."  They smell conspiracy between the U.S. and Saudi Arabi based upon a Reuters report of "President Barack Obama met with Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal on Wednesday, noting 'the meeting was not on Obama’s public schedule.'” Someone needs to write a book about this. Maybe call it something like House Of Bush. House of Saud.
  • Dallas Morning News from April 17th in 1947: