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Presidential Election Poll

Who do you BELIEVE will win the election in the Fall?
Barack Obama
Mitt Romney


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Anonymous said...

The poll clearly stated "BELIEVE" not "Wish For" Wise County. Must Wise County ALWAYS finish LAST in every poll on education & diversity because of that holier than thou Bullshit Southern Baptist thinking?

Anonymous said...

Everyone who voted for Romney is lying or delusional.

Anonymous said...

At 4:57pm on Friday:
Barack Obama 308
Mitt Romney 387

Look, folks, I don't want Barry O' to be my president, either, but Mitt's campaign slogan has pretty much been "Four More Years! Four More Years!" :(

I'm guessing that y'all who voted Mitt also want the marijuana laws struck down in the above poll, because you've been smoking something really good.

Anonymous said...

Willie Nelson for President