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And You Think Losing The Bridgeport - Decatur Game is Depressing

How would you like to be Head Football Coach Mike Robinson. He took over a 3A program five years ago and put together a 40-17 record. For this season, his program is listed in the top 15 of Dave Campbell's Texas Football poll. Sound good? Don't be so fast. He happens to be the head football coach of Wilmer-Hutchins High School, a school so mismanaged that it was disbanded last month by the State of Texas and its superintendent was indicted. All the students (and football players) are now being dumped into the Dallas Independent School District. (The school's web site is still in existence - proudly proclaiming its mission statement of: "to provide an exemplary education". ) The state ranked Wilmer Hutchins Eagles, in the blink of an eye, simply do not exist any more.