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And Their Thong Underwear Wasn't Showing Either

The Baylor Lady Bears, who won the women's backetball national championship earlier this year, visited the White House on Tuesday - and they were dressed prim and proper. There was a tad bit of a scandal earlier this week when the Norwestern women's lacrosse team made their Oval Office visit - with many of the girls wearing flip flops. (OK, I admit this was just an excuse to mention "Baylor" and "national championship" in the same sentence).

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saxon1 said...

By all of the hype you would have thought the Lacrosse team had on their beach attire to go along with their flip flops!! In fact, they were all dressed very nicely. Flip flops have come a long way--they are given a bad rap as being too casual. I of course take offense to this as I am a die hard flip flop fan.