Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

North Texas sheriffs sure seen to flirt with trouble a lot. 

  • Trump trial update: Not much
    • Some high school kids skipped school to watch the trial, including a gal in John Lennon glasses. She was pretty funny during the interview. 

    • But the only witness at the trial was David Pecker, former publisher of the National Enquirer.  We all knew it was true, but he testified he made up stories to help Trump while killing those which would hurt him.  So let's have some flashbacks. He was big on lying about Hillary and Cruz: 

    • I had forgotten this one about Cruz.

    • And to think Trump rails about "fake news" all the time. 
  • Update on the story about the controversial text message sent out by a PAC which attacked a Decatur ISD school board candidate.
    • The text:  

    • The Messenger story on this is really good.

    • Being the hardest working man in show business™, I was in contact with the founder of the PAC, Mike Drury, who told me that the PAC is funded by "no big donors, just small amounts so far.  The PAC has no affiliation with the Republican Party or the right wing conservative groups."
  • New Bloomberg poll shows Trump with a new surge in the battleground states.


  • Video.

  • After dozens die, someone actually takes some action. 

  • I suppose this is legal nerdy stuff. Story.

  • Notable trooper fight with DPS:

  • The Business Second™. Seems big.

  • The older I get the more I learn that I completely oblivious to things which have supposedly "taken over the Internet."

  • "The Houston Texans surprised fans by unveiling their new jersey on 67-foot-tall Sam Houston statue in Huntsville."

  • Big sports breaking news: Former USC running back Reggie Bush will have his Heisman Trophy reinstated today. 

  • Tesla announced yesterday afternoon that earnings were down 47% for the quarter, but for some reason its stock is set to open 10% higher than yesterday's close.