Random Friday Morning Thoughts

It's been ten years? The days are long, but the years are short.

  • This morning, Congress will vote on a big spending bill (actual photo of all 1,012 pages of it below) to keep the government open.   Side note: What type of printing office does Congress have and what is its budget to be able to produce multiple copies of every bill for every congressman? There's no way they use PDFs. It would be too logical. 

  • Someone brought up a great point to me yesterday on a story I posted: How did he get past security where you have to a boarding pass that matches your ID?

  • Another follow-up to a story yesterday.

  • The U.S. sued Apple claiming its iPhone has a monopoly.

    • This has me confused. As antidotal evidence, last week I was in the County Attorney's Office and suddenly was in need of an iPhone charger. I put out a friendly request to everyone in the always-accommodating office, and only one of the seven people present used an iPhone. All the rest were Android users.
    • So yesterday I looked up the actual data on the market share of iPhone vs. Android.  So how is this a monopoly?

  • All trial judges will schedule many trials for the same day -- it's a way to force settlements.  Generally, however, you have a good idea as to the the way the cases are ordered. For example, if you are #5, you know that your chances are pretty good about being "reached" because the top four cases will likely settle or be continued at the last minute.  It's only a problem when you have no idea what order the cases are in because you have to prepare like you are #1 even when there is actually no chance of being called to trial. This story really doesn't tell you if the prosecutors and defense lawyers are aware of that order.

  • This story is different not only because it involves a pastor, but because (1) that's a higher sum than most cheap people pay in murder-for-hire, and (2) the hitman actually went and shot the guy -- but didn't kill him. 

  • I thought that prison sentence sounded a little harsh, but then I noticed a discrepancy between the story and the headline.

  • Why did they treat that quail that way?

  • The Business Second™: "The company’s founder and CEO, Merrilee Kick, started the company in 2010 when she was a teacher at Plano West Senior High School. Since then, the company’s value has skyrocketed and is reportedly worth at least $1 billion and reels in approximately $100 million in annual revenue." But exact terms of the sale were not released.

  • Extremely nerdy legal stuff for criminal law practitioners only: In DWI cases, it's well settled that the State cannot have an expert give an opinion about a person's BAC at the time of driving based upon the time of the test unless they have other Mata-mandated facts. But can the State, when they don't have Mata facts, do an end-around and ask about the generic elimination rate (0.02 an hour) and try to back door it? An appellate court said no yesterday (with a dissent.)
  • Liberally Lean leaderboard:

  • Time which has passed since the Wise County Sheriff's Office, despite having a full male DNA profile, has failed to solve the murder of Lauren Whitener in her home at Lake Bridgeport: 4 years and 270 days.