Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

That remains true a decade later. Except now you have to attack a fellow Republican.

  • The guy involved in the shooting in Bridgeport on Sunday was arrested but none of the charges have anything to do with murder or manslaughter.

  • You don't see this charge very often. Police don't say how he "aided" the girl. 

  • Ok that's some sorriness. Video. This was in Fort Worth outside the 820 loop not far from the old Civil War Museum.  

  • We had a serious basketball brawl break out last night involving, of all teams, Incarnate Word. Video.

  • I don't understand, legally, where this case stands procedurally. She sued him once but dismissed it -- and even then I never understood what exactly she was asking for. But after she dropped it, I guess she filed a new lawsuit for paternity (?) but no one ever really exactly says that. 

    • Side note: This is a reminder that the alleged daughter worked for Rep. Ronny Jackson so you have to question her judgment in general. 

  • Trump has refused to criticize Putin for the death of Alexei Navalny. Below is all that he's said about it (using the same language as Russia in referring to it as a "sudden death.")  Trump, as he shockingly proved to the world in Helsinki in  2018, will never say a word against Putin. 

    • And we learned yesterday how the Speaker of the House spends his time away from D.C. during a two week break. Answer: Mar-a-Lago.

  • It's February? My weather team is on the verge of announcing that Spring is here to stay. 

  • The Business Second™.

  • The Second Business Second™. I think this is interesting. Vizio smart TVs have their own operating system (like FireTV or a RokuTV) and Walmart wants to pump its ads into its free channel streams. So it bought the whole company.

  • Legal nerdy stuff:  Tell me if this, from a concurrence in an Alabama Supreme Court case, doesn't make your head spin. (This from the same state that became the first in the nation to execute a man with a mask full of nitrogen gas.)

  • Having extra matching paint for wall touch up/tiny repairs around the house gives me great joy.