Random Monday Morning Thoughts

A real photo out of Colleyville.

  • Overnight a massive 7.5 earthquake hit of the shore of Japan. Just do  a Twitter search for it and you'll see some amazing videos, but the damage seems minimal so far.  But this video of a river rocking back and forth is pretty amazing. A tsunami watch is up.

  • No word yet on the number of civilians killed in this strike yesterday. I presume it was most of them.  

    • This comes on the heels of a video released over the weekend showing Israeli forces detaining at least two children stripped to their underwear.

  • These headlines on the home page of the Dallas Morning News shows the continuing trend of teens being involved in violence. 

  • The Dallas Morning News has selected its Texans of the Year.

  • I think that's a weird headline
  • Abbott recommended three pardons at the end of the year and this guy wasn't one of them. Abbott shockingly promised he would do so in an announcement less that 24 hours after the guilty verdict.

  • A good guy.

  • This is apparantly so common in Houston that they put this article on the front page this morning. 

  • The Business Second™: The books are closed on 2023, and the S&P 500 was up 24% for the year.

  • Rare Cowboys quick hits:
    • The Cowboys have stumbled around of late but all they have to do to win the division and ensure a home playoff game is beat Washington on Sunday? Yep.
    • Seconds before JimmyJohnson walked onto the field on Saturday to be inducted in the Cowboys' Ring of Honor, we were treated to this weird image.

    • CeeDee Lamb's 92 yard TD reception on Saturday became the second longest in Cowboys history. It replaced Tony Dorsett's 91 yard reception (video of it). I loved Dorsett. 
    • Lamb was promptly drug tested. Why the players union agreed to things like this is incomprehensible.

  • The Evil Empire fighs for a chance to get to the National Championship game tonight. I'd bet on Texas, but I don't feel real good about it.  Anyway, that's a pretty late kick-off at 7:45 p.m. 
  • I don't think we realize yet how it is now 2024 and Trump's collision course course with his legal problems are about to come to a head. This is going to be wild.