Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

You don't hear the James Taylor version very often.

  • The Liberally Lean Winter First Alert Weather Team™ has issued a Triple Weather Bomb Cold Alert™.  As I hit the publish button with the winds howling and the temperatures falling . . .  
    Not sure what that sun is doing there

    • Look at what it did to the temperature in a 30 to 40 minute window in Cheyenne, Wyoming yesterday:

  • Three new charges have appeared against Tanner Horner. All we know is that they are out of Tarrant County and "Court records indicate the offenses occurred in 2013 — one in June, one in August and one in December." There was a lady on Facebook who was vocal about an assault years ago, but she described it as a one time incident.

  • He has returned.


    Not him. Don't know what happened to him.

  • Southbound I-35 in North Fort Worth was shut down for over an hour this morning around Heritage Trace.  Also, here's a random Dallas wreck this morning that looks like a mess.

  • You can tell it's holiday season because the one lone local TV reporter on duty has been sent to DFW Airport to cover the "rush of travelers." That's just filler. (And the airport rush is a myth I've yelled about for years.)

    • But poor Dan Godwyn got sent out by Fox 4 this morning to stand beside a highway to talk about the electric grid. 

  • A reminder that a wild mystery still exists.

  • I don't have any trouble with this. If you sue me,  I'm not letting you on my private property either.  

    • The most interesting part of the story is the facial recognition software. The lawyer is just part of the firm working on the lawsuit "but is not directly involved" in the litigation. I suppose that the firm's online photo roster was scanned and that's how she was detected. Pretty wild.
    • I love NBC's headline. It's not a lawyer who was kicked out, but a "girl scout mom."

  • Legal nerd stuff. The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals agreed to hear a case yesterday, but this is the way the winner at the lower court framed the issue in an attempt to persuade the court to decline the review.

  • Over the top legal nerdy stuff: If you are a criminal practitioner who deals with Rodriguez "prolonged detention" issues, check out this blog post which cites this opinion. Sure it's a state court opinion from Idaho which we normally wouldn't give the time of day, but it is getting lots of attention nationwide. The opinion's author created and discussed the second by second chart of the traffic stop reprinted below. It maps out the irrelevant questions which were asked by the officer and when a drug dog was called in, without reasonable suspicion, and "hit" on the car (as they always do). The State won in that case, but only by 20 seconds.  Good stuff. I've done this type of mapping myself. The State won't always win when you do this. 

  • With all the remembrances of Franco Harris and the Immaculate Reception yesterday, I saw this photo again. It really is amazing that he got to the ball.

  • Clemson coach Dabo Swinney with the quote of the year yesterday: "We built this program on NIL . . . . In God's name, image, and likeness." (Video.)