Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

The actual killing occurred on June 9th. It made headlines two days later. Within a week, the DA had the case in front of the grand jury who declined to indict the man. It's a crazy story.

  • Call me nuts, but what happened in Duncanville yesterday should be national news. "Around 250 children were at the camp at the Duncanville Fieldhouse, which went on lockdown after the gunman fired shots. Police said the gunman attempted to enter a classroom, but the door was locked."

  • 13 DPS Troopers? Wow. This gets worse with each passing day.

    • We've got a long wait to find out the answers, especially when all law enforcement is fighting the release of the bodycams.

    • Your reminder that his guy still has a job at $300,000 a year. His unusual press conference throwing the Uvalde ISD Police Chief under the bus now makes a lot more sense if 13 troopers failed to act.  

  • January 6th Committee quick hits from yesterday's hearing.
    • The flick of the first flame of the The Big Lie was a drunk Rudy Giuliana on election night when everyone else knew is was over. 

    • AG William Barr thought Trump might be delusional when he listened to Rudy and, later, to the nutcase Sidney Powell.  (Make no mistake, Barr is no saint here. He contributed to the fiasco by doing nothing other than resigning via a letter which did not alert us to the attempted coup that was coming. Instead, he saved it all for a book deal.) 

    • And Trump wasn't delusional. He knew it was a lie. That's what makes what he did a crime. But, of course, he used that lie to rake in over a quarter of a billion dollars. 
      • Trump hotels were directly part of the grift.

      • As was Junior's girlfriend who got $60,000 for less than three minutes.

  • John Cornyn, who was one of the Republicans who struck the "gun deal" over the weekend, now wants you to know that he still worships at the foot of the Second Amendment.

  • This confrontation in Arlington outside of Texas Live over the weekend is something else. Extreme language warning. Video.

  • If you've got a trip planned for Yellowstone, you might want to call ahead. It has lost a bunch of roadways over the last couple of days.  This helicopter video is pretty incredible. 

  • Funny.

  • That commercial did have a snake oil feel to it. 

  • Here's a high-tone opinion of myself: Justice Gorsuch and I write with the same style and flow. 

  • Very legal nerdy stuff: Yesterday the Dallas Court of Appeals reversed a conviction of a man for Indecency With a Child for insufficient evidence based upon the corpus delicti rule. The case is, uh, different. "Thoughts, however inappropriate or disturbing, do not constitute a crime."