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Random Monday Morning Thoughts

The Jerry Sandusky trial was going on back then. It gave rise to this photo which was really weird, and I don't think I've seen it since. But the trial ended like we expected . . . 

  • The economic news of skyrocketing inflation and the Fed raising interest rates is exactly like the 1970s -- with the exception of the crypto part which might be in a free fall this morning.

  • Breaking. The mob got to someone.  

  • "COEUR D’ALENE, Idaho — Dozens of members of a white supremacist group the Patriot Front were arrested on Saturday in Idaho before they could act on plans to riot at a local Pride event, the police said." 

    • Six of the Patriot Front members who were arrested were, amazingly, from Tarrant County.

      • Josiah Daniel Buster, 24, of Watauga, Texas
      • Connor Patrick Moran, 23, of Watauga, Texas
      • Kieran Padraig Morris, 27, Haslet, Texas
      • Thomas Ryan Rousseau, 23, of Grapevine, Texas
      • Steven Derrick Tucker, 30, of Haslet, Texas
      • Graham Jones Whitsom, 31, of Haslet, Texas
    • Imagine driving 27 hours to Idaho just to terrorize gay people. 
    • Trivia: That town is in the same Idaho county as is Ruby Ridge so the boys were taken to the same jail that held Randy Weaver (who looked remarkably like Phil Dunphy from Modern Family back in the day.)

    • Flashback: Random thought from two years ago.

    • The arrest has some great Scooby Doo type moments (below), and the video of the cops opening up the back of the U-haul truck to find the Klan member wannabees is right out of a comedy/crime movie.

    • Hot legal opinion: It will be next to impossible to prove the charge of "conspiracy to riot." It wouldn't surprise me if the prosecutor rejected the cases. 
    • This Twitter thread is great. He's collected screen shots of headlines of the metroplex's own White Supremist Bermuda Triangle.

  • Yes, it's hot. 
    • Did you know ERCOT was a real time dashboard to show energy usage and capabilities? It's pretty cool.  
    • We've got a high pressure system parked over us which is exactly what happened during the 1980 Texas summer where we had that crazy string of 42 straight days of 100+ degrees. It began back then on June 23rd.  (We almost beat that streak in 2011 when we had 40 days of 100+. That streak began on July 2nd.)

    • It's hot across the entire Southwest, and you know it's really scorching when they set a record in Death Valley.

  • Friday news which should be on the front page: We've got a Supreme Court justice married to a woman who actively tried to overthrow the United States government. This story on Friday was in addition to the previous revaluations that she was in direct contact with Trump's Chief of Staff as Trump was planning the coup leading to January 6th. This is so bizarre.

  • There was almost a disastrous stampede of people at an Anti-Gun Violence rally in D.C. (Video.) Big credit to the lady on the mic who screamed "Do not run!" and stopped the crowd in its tracks.

  • By the way, all these headlines are meaningless. The "gun deal" is a big bag of nothing. 

  • @Fox4Terry was at it last night. 

  • Junior is selling steaks (another odd video of his.)

    • Flashback. Grifters gonna grift.

  • A great random Twitter thread of photos

  • There was a hit and run last night in Fort Worth that left two people on a motorcycle dead.