Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

I honestly didn't think my tree was in danger from my project. Four years later, it died. 

  • Observed this morning in Decatur: 

  • This teacher's interview from Uvalde (he was in room 111) about the shooting is gut-wrenching. "After Reyes told the children to get under the table, he turned around and saw the gunman standing there. Ramos then almost immediately opened fire on the classroom, Reyes said." And it gets worse.

  • Ken Paxton is going to solve the problem of Uvalde type shootings. Wait. I got that wrong.

  • Paxton is, of course, just show-boating in light of this news which broke yesterday morning. (By the way, I told you there was no way that deal was going through.)

  • All your shopping in Walmart has finally paid off . . . for someone else.  (Side note: Forbes values the Cowboys at $6.5 billion.)

  • This story was first in the Star-Telegram last week, and I meant to get to it. I find those percentages amazing. 

  • I don't know what this means. They were only transporting prisoners when absolutely necessary so now they are just going to leave everyone in place?

  • Man, this ad is brutal.

  • We've got an update on the Kyle Rittenhouse to aTm story: Tap the brakes. 

  • This twitter thread even had me entertained. The masses are trying to solve this woman's problem. 

  • NCAA Softball > NCAA baseball.  (The women's Longhorn team having to win a double header yesterday to get into the finals against Oklahoma was big time entertainment. They were down 0-5 in the second game against Oklahoma State.)