Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

It was March Madness week 10 years ago as well. And, yep, that actually happened.

  • Come on, you slackers. Enter the 2022 Liberally Lean Pick 'Em Tourney. Time's a wastin'. 

  • The last update I saw was that he made it all the way to the Oklahoma border on I-35 then was stopped. Shots were fired and a medical helicopter was summoned. Edit: The Update is all over it.

  • I don't know if the margin being down to 88 votes is true, but he is now seeking a recount -- at least for the Denton County votes.  That normally doesn't work out. 

  • This seems like a big deal. It happened at 2:00 o'clock in the afternoon on Saturday in a pretty decent looking neighborhood.  The victims have yet to be identified, and the Tarrant County ME's office strangely doesn't list them on its public website.  More pics here.  Speculation: If this happened to be a murder/suicide, that would at least explain the lack of any news of a manhunt going on. 

  • There sure seems to be a lot stories these days that put judges in the media cross-hairs for setting bonds. And it's only going to become more prevalent since a new law requires any magistrate who sets a bond to first have his hands on a background report about an arrestee.  (Legal nerd stuff: They are called "Public Safety Reports" and required under TCCP 17.021 starting on 4/1/2022.) The "I didn't know that about him" defense for judges is about to evaporate. On the flip-side, the report is also supposed to state whether an individual is legally eligible to be released on his own personal recognizance. 

  • For some reason, a Denton County Sheriff's Investigator was in the Sanger Police Chief's personal driveway a few months back when he backed out and struck the Chief's undercover vehicle.  The Chief figured it all out by looking at home security footage. The incident got the investigator fired because he allegedly "purchased a new liability insurance policy online from [his vehicle] approximately 4-5 hours after backing in to and damaging [a] Sanger Police Vehicle  . . .  and presenting the policy to [police] after being asked for information about the Defendant’s [vehicle] for the accident report with the intent to defraud or deceive the Progressive Insurance Company and the City of Sanger.”  
    • The Denton Record Chronicle is all bent out of shape because Sheriff Tracy Murphree, wouldn't, as he tends to do, promptly turn over the arrest warrant affidavit which contained the facts of the case. Here's a tip: Ask for the affidavit from the judge who issued it instead of the arresting agency. 
  • Incredible

  • Gov. Abbott's "Task Force" on the teacher shortage is just for show. As proof, someone tracked down the work history of all of those appointed to be on it, and it turns out that none of them have been in a classroom for years. 

  • What's it called when wealth is redistributed? Does the term change when it is only redistributed to the most wealthy? (The owner of the Bills is Terry Pegula with a net worth of $7 billion.)

  • Let's remember the net profit of Exxon and the like next year. 

  • Update: Gone girl. 

  • Star-Telegram employees, who have organized, are mad that they have to pay for parking in downtown Fort Worth. The garage attached to their building charges $15 a day.

  • And another.

  • NFL star Lamar Jackson asked a very philosophical question yesterday after Apple released its new emojis. For some reason, I find his wording very funny. 

  • Rural election news update: Clay County will have to have a run-off in the JP race where one of the three candidates had been disqualified. I know you were dying to know that. 
  • Another reminder for the slackers. Enter here