Random Monday Morning Thoughts

Remember this? It became known as the Kandahar Massacre and led to a life sentence. Here's a long read on the incident that appeared in GQ magazine.

  • It's Liberally Lean Pick 'Em Tournament time. Sign up here. Once again, I'm tricking up the scoring system to give great weight to the early rounds with even more points awarded this year for upsets. The idea is that if you do well in the opening rounds, you might be able to hold on and win it all. We'll see how this works out.  I'm kind of interested in that myself. 

    • Lots of local flavor in the first four left out which you won't get a chance to bet on.

  • There was a fire near Boonsville yesterday which caused some evacuations. I'm stating the obvious, but we didn't get any rain in the Fall and none this Spring. It's really dry. And the high wind months are starting. 

  • Liberally Lean Weather Expert Bulletin: If we have any storms, they'll be in a window between 4:45 p.m. and 5:15 p.m., but my boys don't seem to be worried putting the odds at 1 in 4. The more east you go, the greater the chance for rain. In downtown Dallas for example, chances go to about 70% an hour later. 
  • The Ukraine images have only become worse. And we've got an update on one picture from last week and it's not good. 

  • A 25 year old guy fell off the roof top area of this bar in Dallas on Saturday night and did not survive. It's an "Irish bar." It was St. Patrick's Day parade weekend on nearby Greenville Avenue. 

  • "Prostate cancer lives as it is born: slow-growing and benign or fast-growing and dangerous."

  • A bullpen catcher for the University of Texas was caught on cell phone video drinking from a fan's flask during a game. He was kicked off the team

  • Lock your guns up. 
  • Trump being Trump this weekend. One relatively harmless. The other promoting a race war to be led by the Critical Race Strawmen. 

  • Random musical/play which everyone raves about once they see it. 

  • The standard funny line about this announcement is: "It took him about two months of 'family time' for him to figure that out."

    • This really happened on the day before Brady's announcement:
  • This is behind a paywall, but I warned about it the moment that selling your "name, image, or likeness" became legal in college sports. We now have the equivalent of Super PACs buying athletes for schools. I not against players finally getting paid, but college football as we knew it will soon be gone forever. 
  • You think that would be a bigger crowd. 
  • Legal nerd stuff: Fifth Circuit rejects a First Amendment challenge to Texas's anti-barratry law prohibiting lawyers from soliciting legal work from already-represented criminal defendants.