Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

I regret not keeping a list of all the things I've heard Wise County cops say on video over the years.    

  • I can't find it online, but WFAA/Channel 8 had a story last night on how COVID is running rampant in Wise County and overwhelming our hospital. It is as bad here as it is anywhere. 
  • And why wouldn't it be?  

  • I don't think he's "missing" but simply laying low.  And why wouldn't he?  There's no arrest warrant for him and an army of reporters would be watching his every move if he tried to go about his normal life. Who wouldn't go into hiding? 

  • As we deal with the Haitian crisis as the border, never forget the amount of money that DPS conned you out of to buy those gun boats.  They are 36' long with three 300 horse power motors on the back.

  • Bridgeport coming in cold this morning. 

  • In the past I've covered the case of the prosecutor moonlighting as a paid clerk for a Texas judge in the same death penalty case that his office was prosecuting. It was the very same prosecutor who opposed a Motion filed by the defendant to vacate his death penalty and, incredibly, actually wrote the Order for the judge denying the Motion. Yesterday, finally, the Court of Criminal Appeals set aside the conviction

  • "The teen has already gone through at least one surgery at Medical City Plano. But according to her family, so far medically, the chances of her walking again are slim."

  • I'm really confused about the "status" of booster shots. I got mine a couple of weeks ago despite being under 65 and not in a high risk group. And no one asked any questions. Practically speaking, if you want one, you can go get one if you know where to look. 

  • Some familiar Texas Republicans are supporting Liz Cheney in her re-election bid. Cheney has not shied away from the noble position of condemning the January 6th Trump Insurrection for what it was. 

  • The Dallas Morning News took a deep dive into the story that late last year a cougar or mountain lion killed a man near the small Texas town of Lipan.  It's basically a "who can you believe?" story which questions the  investigative skills of a small county Sheriff's Office, as well as the credibility of the Tarrant County Medical Examiner's Office which has basically been gutted since then due to publishing false autopsy reports. (Texas Monthly just did a similar long piece on this mess.)

    "Christopher Allen Whiteley, a chronic methamphetamine user with a long and violent criminal record, was found dead last December outside Lipan, a town of about 400. His autopsy — conducted in Fort Worth because Hood County doesn’t have its own medical examiner’s office — showed he was probably high when he died."

    "By the morning after they found Whiteley’s body, investigators began thinking 'outside the box'."

  • One of the greatest public information sites on the web is one administered by Tarrant County which publishes search warrant affidavits issued by police. Just look for those which have "affidavit" in their name after you perform a date search. It's hit and miss, but I've read some wild things.