Random Monday Morning Thoughts


  • I thought about not doing this at all because of Judge Cude's passing, but he loved Liberally Lean. As his court administrator told me, "I never have to read it because he's already told me everything that was in it." 
  • Texas Hospitalizations. Those numbers aren't dramatic over the last four days but that can be attributable to the holidays and spotty reporting. But Tarrant County reported a record high of hospitalizations on Saturday. And the U.S. recorded record hospitalizations yesterday.

  • Ice-T has a message

  • Trump finally took the boys golfing. (They used Marine One to fly the 60 miles from Camp David.)

  • Trump was still "fighting" until the end on Sunday. Uh, who talks like this? (He also said the Justice Department and the FBI "might" have "rigged" the election. Sheesh.)

  • I case you missed it, he lost his federal case late last week in Pennsylvania when a judge he appointed, along with two other Republican appointed judges, started out the opinion with this: 

  • A top nuclear scientist of Iran was assassinated last week in an event right out of a Tom Clancy novel.  Get this: It might have been done by remote controlled machine guns (just like in Breaking Bad).  Who was be responsible? Ted Cruz might have inadvertently admitted that Israel was behind it in a tweet where he was condemning someone else's reaction -- someone  who hadn't mentioned Israel. 

  • Last week, a former Bridgeport High School basketball star was signed by the Dallas Mavericks.  Here's an article on the signing, and here's an old Dallas Morning News article, called "Gaming the System" which focused heavily on Bridgeport's championship back then.

  • I always watch Fox 4 News but it seems to me they are doing less and less news coverage. I'll get 10 minutes of Shaun Rabb doing a boring 10 minute Zoom meeting, but I'll never hear about a wild shooting in Fort Worth. 
  • I feel like I've been living under a rock because I swear I had never heard of Diego Maradona. Seriously, not one single time. I've heard of Pele, but never Maradona. 
  • I read this every year, and I laugh every year.

  • I think it's more than 50/50 that UT fires Tom Herman and money whips Urban Meyer.