Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Texas Coronavirus update: We have a problem. But Gov. Abbott said yesterday that we don't need to worry because there are "abundant numbers" of hospital beds. (No word on the abundance of  grave sites still available.) The mayors of Houston, San Antonio, Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, El Paso, Arlington, Plano and Grand Prairie wrote the governor yesterday asking him to at least mandate masks. He won't. But he blamed 20-somethings and protesters for the surge. Is this going to turn into a disaster? Did the Shelley Luthers of the world screw this up?
  • And how are we feeling about fall sports? Or school for that matter? Arlington Martin, Krum, and Frisco Lebanon have already shutdown their summer conditioning programs that just started due to positive 'Rona.  Baylor reported three athletes testing positive yesterday. 
  • Wise County: 60 total, and 7 active. Expect that to change. 
  • The fact Trump is going to have an indoor rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma on Saturday is unfathomable.  He tried to pretend the coronavirus was just going to go away -- those White House task force briefings suddenly stopped on April 27th -- but it has come back with a fury. But he doesn't care about the health consequences of having the rally so long as he gets to appear in front of a roaring crowd. The demands of his ego will cause the sacrifice of the health and lives of those who will attend that rally. Then again, that group is willing to die for him. 
  • And let's not forget the Republican convention in Jacksonville, Florida.  And the NBA plans to resume the schedule their in a self contained "bubble?" They might want to tap the brakes on that. Florida is exploding. 
    Remember this? 
  • There were a lot of these videos appearing (and dissappearing) yesterday on social media in regards to the Decatur protest. I have no idea of the identity of the voice that can be heard.
  • If you watched 13th, you'd know exactly why Trump constantly tweets "Law and Order." He knows what he is doing. It's code. 
  • Trump announced yesterday that he was banning the choke hold by law enforcement unless they fear for their lives which means absolutely nothing has changed.  And he offered no words of unity. We went through the greatest amount of civil unrest since the 1960s (and maybe worse) and the President of the United States never gave us a unifying address from the Oval Office. Instead, we got this yesterday: 

    I don't know why a blatant lie on an unrelated subject was uttered.
  • The Justice Department, acting as Trump's personal law firm, sued John Bolton yesterday to try and stop the release of his new book. (Which only gives the book more publicity.) Shockingly, they put Bolton's home address in the caption of the lawsuit. That’s bush league. There's no better barometer of Trump's competency than the number of the "best people", all who were considered Republican right wing golden children, who worked for him but then turned on him once they got an inside look.
  • Just when I had my head wrapped around the Proud Boys, now I've got to learn about the Boogaloos. (Fox News' Tucker Carlson blamed the officer's death on "rioters" which is, of course, code for angry black people.) 
  • You might remember this case. He is the former deputy city manager of Wichita Falls whose  30-year-long career with the city, and salary of $177,220, were destroyed when cops raided his home looking for weed. (Too many cops?™) They found a tiny amount of weed.  He was sentenced to one day in jail (time served) and a $1,000 fine via a plea bargain.  Note: It's not mentioned in the story but a little known Texas law will kick in which will require his driver's license to be suspended and he'll have to go through an arse whip of a "Drug Education Course" in order to get it back. And the case has nothing to do with driving. 
    Is this Pablo Escobar? No, that's
    not Pablo Escobar.
  • I heard from a few people yesterday as to whether other states teach its own state's history. Yes: New Mexico, Colorado, and Mississippi. No: California.
  • Interesting radio question this morning: In addition to the no questionable mascot of the Washington Redskins, how do we feel about the Texas Rangers and the Oklahoma Sooners -- two groups with a questionable history.
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