Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • The Board:

  • Tarrant County (that's the lowest Monday number in quite some time.):
  • Wise County: 12 cases. We had an increase of 33% yesterday! (That's three more cases to you non-math majors out there.) 
  • I won't begin to tell you I understand how the price can go to -$35 for a barrel of oil, but I did have someone tell me yesterday it was all because "May [futures] contracts [are] expiring tomorrow", and Trump said at his press conference that "a lot of people got squeezed."  I think it was the equivalent of a bunch of traders having previously agreed to buy oil at $x a barrel on a certain date and yesterday it all became real. Either actually buy the oil at that previously agreed upon price or sell your contract. For those people who had no place to actually store the oil, they were willing to pay people to take it off their hands. It still makes no sense to me. The June futures contract are up next. They fell from $20 a barrel to $16 a barrel this morning. None of this is good news. 
  • The Art of the Oil Deal from nine days ago:
  • It would be a good gig to be a photographer at one of these protests.
    Note the mask.
    Spellcheck malfunction
    Some hard selling of Jesus thrown in there.
  • The governor of Maryland throwing shade. 
  • Of course he did. But who exactly wants to come here with unemployment moving to 30%? (I'm not sure that  "Invisible Enemy" label is as catchy as he thinks it is.)
  • Having to wear masks in our now open Texas state parks makes absolutely no sense. 
  • Of all states "opening up", it looks like Georgia will be the most ambitious with restaurants opening up on Monday. Then again, it was just a couple of weeks ago that its governor stated he had "just learned" that the coronavirus could be transmitted with people with no symptoms. That state deserves to be the guinea pig. (Cue John Mayer's "Why Georgia".)
  • Despite Trump being obsessed with his "great ratings" for his daily coronavirus updates (he tweeted about it again this morning), few people are watching. But I want you to. It is Bizarro World every day
  • Yesterday the Supreme Court ruled that it was unconstitutional for a state to allow a person to be convicted of a crime by a non-unanimous jury verdict. Seems like a pretty simple proposition, but those boys have to make everything complicated: 
  • Tom Lester, Ed Eb of Green Acres fame, has died. I saw that he was also a Baptist minister and made the circuit for most of his life. I'll have to confirm it, but I have a very vague memory of him speaking at the First Baptist of Bridgeport when I was a boy. (Side note: There's nothing wrong with Green Acres. Mrs. LL and I actually got sucked into it a couple of years back.)
  • Legal nerd stuff: Speaking of Georgia, a jury sent a note to a judge saying one juror had decided to vote not guilty because he didn't believe any of the State's witnesses so they wanted to know if that constituted a hung jury. Instead of saying "yep, it sure does", the judge removed that juror from the jury and the remainder of them convicted the defendant. It was reversed yesterday. (That link has the opinion and even video of the poor assistant DA trying to argue on appeal everything was kosher.) 
  • I always monitor the list of criminal cases (from Class C to Felonies) filed in Wise County every day. The list is normally thirty or more cases which are dominated, of course, with traffic tickets. Until now. Nothing is being filed including traffic tickets. These are strange days.