Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Three people are dead in a home near Azle and no one is saying why. But cops are saying they "didn't believe there was any threat to people who live in the area" which is code for murder-suicide.
    That's the ballpark area - not the exact location.
  • The Coronavirus total death toll in China is now over 1,000. Do I have to be the voice of reason? China has a population of over 1.3 billion. Conservative estimates put the annual death rate of natural and unnatural causes at 8 million a year or around 22,000 per day. Calm yourselves. That's not even a bad flu season over there. 
  • I've never understood the appeal of Bernie Sanders, and if he is the Democratic nominee, Trump will crush him.  And even though I'm beginning to think Micheal Bloomberg will catch fire in the next three weeks, the Democrats have to worry about the Bernie junkies staying home if he sweeps in and grabs the nomination.  I can't believe this is happening. 
  • But Trump is scared of Bloomberg as evidenced this morning. Edit: Wow. He deleted it within 10 minutes. It was about Bloomberg's "stop and frisk" policy when mayor.
  • Maybe this is why he deleted it. (But he normally doesn't care about what he's said in the past.)
  • "It's Friday, Friday. Got get down on Friday." (Yep, that's her.)
  • Trump confusingly tweeted a (NSFW) clip of the premier of this season's Curb Your Enthusiasm where the show made fun of people wearing MAGA caps. (Side note: Here's Larry David's NSFW defense of the episode.)
  • I've said it before: The deputies of the Denton County Sheriff's Office who run security for the courthouse should take a week long course on public relations. It ain't gonna kill you to treat the public with a tad bit of respect. Heck, TSA puts you to shame. 
  • I see that #broomchallenge is trending. Just wait until the Internet discovers the spin-a-penny-on-a-bent-coat-hanger trick. I've been doing that bit for years. 
  • Can I place a bet somewhere on the chances of Roger Stone being pardoned? (Also, if you haven't seen Get Me Roger Stone on Netflix, it's a must see if you like politics.)
  • Dateline Dallas: "After footage of performer Genea Sky’s harrowing fall hit the Internet, she posted an Instagram video explaining what had happened and thanked friends and fans for their support. She also created a GoFundMe page to pay her medical expenses." Stolen line from the radio this morning: "She needs to be invited to the next State of the Union address for her courage."
  • If the Smashing Pumpkins released their song 1979 today it would be the equivalent of being entitled 2004.
  • Another thought about heading down 114 into Roanoke and into Southlake this weekend (something I haven't done, amazingly, in a couple of years): I absolutely believe the story today in the Morning News. There is construction everywhere. Heck, that land that the Speedway sits on is going to be worth more than the Speedway itself in a few years. 
  • Ticket fans: I would have moved Bob and Dan to drive time and demoted Corby to mid-days with Jake. 
  • Wise County Jail population this morning: 171. That's pretty low.