Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • My favorite headlines from over the weekend:
  • Well, we know now that India will get anything they want from us. (And they actually did blast out Macho Man over the speakers).
  • It's the last day for this old building who, through some type of black magic, created a Twitter account over the weekend. If it doesn't tweet out things like "Ouch!" and "Hey! That smarts!" when the wrecking ball starts hitting it this morning, I'll be disappointed. 
  • How about this for police work: A guy gets involved in a minor hit-and-run. Cops want to find him so, in hopes of flushing him out, they lie about the accident by saying a woman had died. The man, hearing the news, commits suicide. To make it even worse, dashcam picks the cops up saying, "It's a lie, but it's fun." 

  • If you want to watch a Flat Earther take a doomed home-made steam rocket launch from over the weekend, you can.
  • Longtime readers know I'm a fan of William McRaven -- a guy of impeccable credentials but who I discovered because of his advice of "Make your bed."  He went scorched earth on Trump in the The Washington Post this weekend. 
  • A faithful reader just happened to have a travel magazine lying around with the answer to Friday's question of whatever happened to Tiffani Amber Thiessen.
  • This happens in our home in the middle of the night about four times a year: Me (awaking to Mrs. LL walking out of the room): "Where you going?" Her (groggily): "Bathroom." Me: "Wrong way." Her (doing a 180 degree turn): "Thanks." Last night was the first one for 2020 -- an event which she will learn about for the first time when she reads this.
  • I predicted last week, after Elizabeth Warren tore up Bloomberg in the debate, that Trump would begin  promoting Bernie Sanders. It didn't take long to prove, yet again, I'm a political genius:
  • Here's a project for the Wise County Messenger's history columnist: What's the story about the building of the courthouse? Was there a big dust up over the cost? And what about the renovations which destroyed the grandeur of the district courtroom? Did anyone think twice about it? 
  • I've jumped back in to The West Wing (which I didn't watch back in the day), and am now into Season Two.  Man, that show was so prophetic in so many ways.
  • Look, I had no interest in the heavyweight match between Wilder and Fury this weekend, but watching the crowd sing American Pie after the bout will make you smile no matter who you are. 
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