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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • The Prosperity Gospel is really upping its game down in Houston. 
  • Have I told you how to watch a Joel Osteen sermon? Every one will have a phrase like, "Maybe you didn't get that promotion at work", "Maybe a family member has said something hurtful and you've been holding your tongue," "Maybe a relationship isn't going as well as you had expected," or "Maybe you're experiencing a financial issue that you didn't anticipate."  It's a great trick to make everyone in the audience think, "Hey! He's talking directly to me!"
  • A look at the impeachment room a couple of hours ago. It's only the fourth time this will happen to a sitting president.  (Or has someone else said, the first impeachment hearing in the Disney+ Era.)
  • He's not handling it well this morning. I assume this means he's against them. Do you think he threw something against the wall after hitting "send"?
  • Oh, and this is also just outside the impeachment hearing room.  Man, I hope she makes it in the gallery and can be seen all day in the background.
  • Tyler Technologies, which provides criminal justice software to many, may counties and the state, is making money hand over fist. They have a huge piece of the pie of with e-filing in addition to contracts with the counties.  Now they are being sued for patent infringement. I'm not saying the plaintiff is a "patent troll" but the story says that some people have called him that. (And that's not to imply a suit by a patent troll doesn't have merit. In 2013 I wrote about how a patent troll, Erich Spangenberg, owned one of the fifty most expensive homes in Dallas.)
  • The City of Bridgeport purchased the old Spot Cash building in the revitalized downtown area, and it seems the belief was it would be turned into a park. Now there's a discussion of the city selling it off to the highest bidder which has created a bit of an uproar. It's a little confusing, but I'm not sure I've seen quiet an exchange like this in a city council meeting. From this week's Messenger:
  • Also from the Messenger, Robin Garrett, the wife of a current Justice of the Peace, pled* guilty yesterday to stealing from the Decatur Wood's family. It's probation with 120 days in jail as a condition but get this: Restitution of $472,291 has been paid.  (Buy the Messenger. Support local journalism. Give them your money.)
  • *Yes, I know it is "pleaded" and not "pled" but that's something that needs to be changed. I'm here to champion that cause.
  • I think I'm battling pink eye. The last time I got it - fifteen years ago - I got some prescription drops and it went away within 24 hours. Now Mrs. LL hands me some over-the-counter pink eye medicine and tells me it's the same thing because "things have changed." I cocked an eyebrow over my watery eye at that.
  • I normally don't care about baseball news, but it seems to be a pretty big deal that the Astros were stealing signs with a camera during the 2017 season. The story really took off yesterday when "Jomboy", a guy on Twitter who normally does fantastic voice overs as a lip reader to interpret player/umpire fights, put up an incredible video revealing the Astros making a "bang bang" sound from the dugout whenever a change-up pitch was coming. 
  • A rare volleyball bullet point: The defending state champion Decatur girls team was upset by Krum in five sets in the playoffs last night. Decatur had beaten Krum twice in the regular season -- although it took five sets both times. Here's the final point.
  • Hey, southern Wise County, your congressional rep has a Republican primary challenger who says she is not loyal enough to Trump. That's the standard now? 
  • He lies every day and yesterday was no exception.
  • The cast of Days of Our Lives has been laid off. It was the first soap opera I ever watched as a teenager. Back then, there was nothing funnier than when two of the characters were about to jump into bed together, and my brother would alert my mom in the kitchen with, "We need a sin ruling over here!" She'd look up at the screen and say, "Oh, my goodness. Yes that's sin, boy. Pure sin."  He did that bit dozens of times.
  • I think I'd like Yu Darvish off the field. (He goes by the screen name @faridyu)
  • Remember, kids. Even Lee Harvey Oswald had a library card. 
  • No, I'm not bitter about Baylor going to 9-0 and dropping one spot in the playoff rankings. Baylor is 13 and one loss Oklahoma is 10. But if Baylor had been wearing OU jerseys all year long and OU wearing Baylor jerseys, OU would be in the top 4 and Baylor would be ranked 20th. 
  • Messenger: Above the Fold