Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • In a nice performance, Decatur won its second playoff game last night, 69-0. But that doesn't do the game justice: 
  • For decades. a lot of us have speculated when the Vinson property in the Rhome area would be sold for development.  Now, after months of speculation, it has happened. And the group that bought it, who are experts in development, say there will be 10,000 homes built on the land. This is not hyperbole: This is the biggest real estate deal in Wise County history and a watershed moment (assuming Rhome and Newark government doesn't screw it up.)

  • My only Impeachment bullet point today: Sometimes even the smartest lawyers know when they've met their match and simply leave a witness alone. You leave this woman alone. 
  • I don't know if you've ever watched OANN  (Trump as praised the fledgling "news" network before) but it makes Fox News look fair and balanced. It also employs people who fire off thoughts like these yesterday.

  • Sheesh. That Home Depot was actually scammed by two officers.
  • And remember that cop who was seen carrying full liquor bottles out of the store on the night of the tornado? The Department continues to say he was not stealing, and no charges were filed.
  • It was not a good day for Dallas law enforcement. 
  • Since I was so impeachment crazy yesterday, I didn't comment on the Oncor worker in Wise County who was electrocuted.  I'm surprised. Back in March I got to watch those guys repair a downed power line right by the house, and I was fascinated about how careful they were. Although he had probably done it a thousand times, the guy who was about to go up in the boom put all his gear on, turned to another worker, and they went though a checklist of every piece of safety gear he had on. It was just a series of speechless gestures -- pointing and touching every protective piece. 
  • Cringe-worthy Houston lawyer website: Scroll to the bottom and click on the animated video. (Speaking of, whatever happened to the Fort Worth Law Hawk?) 
  • This was from yesterday taken from the southbound service road along I-35 looking towards the Western Center. The RV fire was causing people to turn around and go the wrong way (although I'm not sure why that was necessary.)
  • This is the wildest "official statement" from a university in the history of ever is here. The University of Indiana explains why the can't fire a professor.
  • Tesla unveiled a "Cybertruck" last night. The shatterproof glass demonstration did not go well. Watch

  • Nothing to see here. Trump's fixer says Epstein did in fact kill himself. (Insert narrator's voice with the obvious.) 
  • It's 11/22 and this forgotten guy was mentioned on the radio this morning. I thought this bullet point is worth re-posting:
  • They didn't think this one through. (Ok, make that two Impeachment bullet points)
  • This is LBJ's note that his press secretary drafted and he edited while aboard Air Force One on the way back to Washington from Dallas.  There used to be a time where every single word spoken by a president was critically important. Statements were labored over.
  • Trump apparently made an unplanned call into Fox and Friends this morning and went into a stream of consciousnesses rant for 53 minutes.  People are still trying to digest it. They couldn't get him off the phone.